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5 things in digital marketing that never change

Digital marketing. It is constantly changing. Digital marketing tools are constantly being upgraded. But, the questions is – in a world of a constant change, what things in digital marketing [...]

February 1, 2019

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Digital marketing. It is constantly changing. Digital marketing tools are constantly being upgraded. But, the questions is – in a world of a constant change, what things in digital marketing remain the same?

What are common things we can always say about marketing, about digital marketing business?

No matter if you are doing Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat marketing – there are 5 things that remain the same thru time in digital marketing. They are:

1. Client goals

2. Research

3. Profitability

4. Testing

5. Analysis

Simple, right?

But, what if I told you I have seen many campaigns that were lacking almost all of these points? Let’s describe them in more detail, shall we?

Client Goals

The first thing that remains the same in digital marketing is knowing your client goals.

Now, it is not enough to “just” know what your Clients goals are. It is important to have a deep understanding of your Client goals. For example, it is not enough to know your client wants to raise sales for certain product, but it is important to know why that specific product, what are future plans for that product, how many are available, what ROI is acceptable, are there any problems with other products and their profitability…

There are many, many questions we can ask our client. But, we don’t need to ask all of them. We must recognize probable (present & future) issues which can influence Client goal.

To put it in simple words: Knowledge that we have about Client goals can help us solve problems even before they happen!

And therefore it is important to understand your client goals so we can act even before possible problems arise.


The second thing that remains the same in digital marketing is research.

Before we start marketing activities we must do research. We can research almost everything important for us to achieve Clients goals. For example, we can research everything about products/services of our Client – in what way it is differentiated from similar offers of its competitors,  what are the specifics of Client’s product/service, picking markets for kickstarting the product

Also, we can research in what way are competitors representing themselves in the digital marketing arena. What ideas are interesting and what we can or can’t do regarding how the Client wants to be presented. Then, we can use those ideas and make them our own by “upgrading” them.

The point here is very simple: the success of our marketing activities closely relates to the number of hours spent on the initial research.

Also, if our starting campaigns have quality initial research – all later work is easier and less time-consuming.


Let me ask you one question –  If you don’t know what your return on ad spend is, why are you spending money on digital marketing?

If anything, calculating return on investment for digital marketing campaigns is very easy. Yes, there are also “branding” campaigns, but the point is – with digital marketing campaigns you CAN quantify your results.

The third thing that remains the same in digital marketing is profitability.

It is very important to track your results. And, if you are tracking your results – you will know what is profitable and what is not. You will know what is “working” for your client and what you need to shut down.

In the end, Client has chosen you with a certain expectation. And that expectation is to make more money from conducting marketing activities on Google ads, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter…

Always be careful about the profitability of campaigns and, in return, your Clients will be happy.


Marketing technologies are rapidly changing and upgrading ecosystem. There are few small changes to every digital marketing system every month, and a couple of very BIG changes to every digital marketing system every year.

The fourth thing that remains the same in digital marketing is testing.

If we take that in the account, there are about 10-20 changes every year which we must test. Test to see what is exactly working for our clients. Test to see in what situations is something working in a way it should.

Also, let’s think about profitability again for a moment. For example, campaigns are delivering 150% ROI (return on investment). Everything is great and you’re satisfied how campaigns are performing. BUT, what if we could raise that results with another 10-20% with simple testing of new things?

A client would be even happier if we deliver even better results.

Besides, if we are constantly testing new things, and because of that, we are constantly improving our/client profitability – isn’t that great?


Imagine for a moment you have campaigns by Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat… Every one of these campaigns produce certain results. But, we also must test new ideas or new approach for advertising of Clients services/products., Also, don’t forget to test the new technologies.

All this can deliver a vast amount of data. Data on which we must come with certain decisions. And to come with certain decisions – we need to analyze that data.

The fifth thing that remains the same in digital marketing is analysis.

Let me be frank here. An analysis is (maybe) a not-so-hard job, BUT it is a very important thing to do. Because the future marketing plans are all based on analysis of marketing results. Future results depend on our analysis of past (and present) data.  

The only advice I can give regarding analysis is – don’t miss a single, no matter how small, data. It can make all the difference.


So, there you have it. Marketing technologies are changing every day, but there are certain “facts” about digital marketing that are always true. No matter if you are doing digital marketing now or in a 5 years time. Knowing your client’s expectations is the key to achieve their goals, but that is not where the job stops. Campaigns need constant optimization, researching and testing. And everything needs to be analyzed so we can make further improvements.

Regis McKenna said: “Marketing is everything… everything is marketing!”

Even though it was in 1991. and the technologies changed a lot since then, the principles stayed the same. It’s true that marketing spans across all aspect of your business, from branding to sales. Nowadays, with all the analytics and attribution tools, you can know your customer better than ever before.

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