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Facebook Ads Manager updates in 2019 you need to know

Updates of Facebook Ads Manager happen regularly and often overnight. Entire Facebook advertising process is optimized, so it shortens the time needed to create campaigns in Ads Manager. Q1 of 2019 brought major changes in FB Ads Manager – read more, we’ll tell you all about them.

Laura Kraljevic

March 13, 2019

Updates of Facebook Ads Manager happen regularly and often overnight. Entire Facebook advertising process is optimized, so it shortens the time needed to create campaigns in Ads Manager. Q1 of 2019 brought major changes in FB Ads Manager – read more, we’ll tell you all about them.

Facebook is still in the spotlight following the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018.  Since then, Facebook invested a lot of effort in overcoming security and privacy issues and improving the existing tools.

Tracking the changes and being up-to-date is important for anybody working in the Facebook Ads Manager.

1. Facebook is in the test phase for the new Ads Manager dashboard

Current navigation tabs at the top are going away in favor of drop news. This change will be visible from the ad set-level view that will allow better transparency. We can see the right side editing panel sticking out in the leaked photos.

Changes can often confuse users. This is the reason why the new updates on Facebook Ads Manager are designed for a simpler transition, having a resemblance to Reddit style drop-downs. The changes will improve how the platform is used, making the FB Ads Manager intuitive for users. This update could boost efficiency and make the management of the campaigns easier.

New Facebook Ads Manager
New Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard


2. Ad campaign with a website visit objective

The easy way to gain engagements with a Facebook post is using the “boost post” button. It gives you plenty of likes and comments, which sounds good. The “boost post” button targets the mass audience more likely to comment and like. Now, you’ll be able to get more website visits as a result of “boosting” a post, not only likes and comments.

3. New updates to Custom Audience transparency

After the privacy scandal with Cambridge Analytica, Facebook shifted the focus on improving the issues with Custom Audience transparency. Facebook’s users demanded a higher level of privacy and security. To improve that, Facebook’s developers created a whole new level of advertising policies. This feature will allow users to determine how an advertiser gained access to their contact information and is this data shared with brands or partners.

We’ve all experienced seeing an ad from a brand we’d just been thinking about. With the new “why am I seeing this” feature, users can find out how a brand got their contact information. The increased level of transparency will help users to have a better understanding of how advertising on Facebook works.

Since this new update hasn’t been tested yet, we can’t know how will it affect marketers’ reach to the target audience. The new level of transparency could increase users’ privacy settings. Reducing the available information could affect building custom and lookalike audiences if the seed audiences are not created with proper authorization.

If users start to experiment with the new feature, we could face more limitations of the user data.  That could reduce the power of custom audiences to the businesses and advertisers.
We can’t determine the long-term effects right away, but it’s something to keep an eye on. The best is to be honest and keep the Facebook ads legit.
Make sure you’re only uploading lists you have the permission to contact.

Why Am I Seeing This Feature
Why Am I Seeing This Feature

4. Facebook ads 2019: Stories ads will be a major focus

We already know the power of the video, and Facebook isn’t staying behind. Facebook’s Stories is a completely different format and placement from the video placed in Feed. If you think that video production is hard, think again! With video tools such as Biteable, you can create great videos in a matter of minutes. Advertisers will need to adapt their formats to the Stories format because we can expect that the focus will be shifting there. Being unable to adapt may hurt your business. Augmented Reality Ads will make a revolution among Facebook Stories. This feature uses the power of AR to make the ads more personal and interactive. For example, if you sell a product like sunglasses, a potential buyer can try them on virtually through the ad with a simple “tap to try” button.

Facebook AR Ads
Facebook AR Ads

For advertisers, this is has a huge potential for greater involvement.  It will attract users with ad functionality and new features.

If you’re wondering how to create great video ads on Facebook, check out this helpful guide by Biteable: Facebook video marketing Handbook ✔️

Facebook also recently introduced playable ads in the app game category. Playable ads allow the user to try the game before downloading it.

5. Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization Becomes Fixed Default

Campaign budget optimization is an option that allows the control over budget at the campaign level. This novelty optimizes to distribute budget to the multiple ad sets within a campaign.

You still keep some control over the minimum or maximum spend by ad set by using ad set spend limits. If you set a minimum spend limit, Facebook will aim to spend that amount. If you set a maximum spend limit, Facebook will not exceed that amount. With campaign budget optimization there is the automatic distribution: more of the budget goes to the high performing ad set. That makes the campaign creation process simplified.

However, with less control, creative optimization is where you can make a difference. Campaign budget optimization will be helpful to less experienced advertisers who struggle with setting budgets.

Campaign Budget Optimization
Campaign Budget Optimization

These are the most important FB Ads Manager updates in the Q1 2019. Being on top of all the changes is important for anybody using Facebook Ads Manager. New functionalities will make your job easier and help you make better campaigns.

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Great article Laura, you’re really a Facebook Ads Manager expert! Keep it up!


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