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Google Ads Editor Now Supports New Campaign Types and Cross account features.

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Ivan Saric

Created: November 8, 2019

Last Update: November 11, 2019

On November 7th, Google released its newest v1.2 update for Google Ads Editor.

Newly introduced features are: Support for Discovery campaigns and App campaigns for engagement, shared negative keyword lists, condensed edit pane, and searchable errors.

App campaigns for engagement allow you to write encouraging text to direct users to a certain part of your app. Whether you want for your users to make a purchase or book a night at the hotel, with new v1.2 update your able to do these campaigns faster at a scale within Editor.


Shared negative keyword lists
With negative keyword lists, you are making sure that your search ads are being shown to relevant users by excluding keywords that are not relevant to your business. The great thing about the new update is that you can now easily share negative keyword lists across accounts by simply applying them in Shared Library within Editor.


Condensed edit pane
Empty fields are now hidden in the edit pane. Of course, you have the option to show these fields when needed. This change has been made to make it easier to find fields you are looking for when there are groups of repeated and empty fields to scroll through.


Gif of collapsible panes in Google Ads Editor UI


Searchable errors
From time to time, you’ll experience items marked with error within Google Ads editor. Until now it was time-consuming to identify all of the errors that occurred. Now you can quickly search for these errors and fix them faster.


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