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New Facebook Ads Library – all Facebook Ads in one place

If you ever wanted to see how much a certain politician spent on ads on Facebook or you just wanted to do competitor research, now you can access a library of all ads currently running from across Facebook Products.

Matija Hanicar

March 29, 2019

Facebook is still in the spotlight following the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018.  Since then, Facebook invested a lot of effort in overcoming security and privacy issues and improving the existing tools.

With the new European Parliament Elections on the horizon, Facebook has been making big changes to the way political ads will be displayed on this social media network.

Well, apparently Facebook has started caring.
Well, apparently Facebook has started caring.

We wrote about big changes Facebook rolled out at the beginning of this year, and one of them was “Why am I seeing this” feature. With the new feature, users can find out how a brand got their contact information. The increased level of transparency will help users to have a better understanding of how advertising on Facebook works.

Changes for advertisers

To prevent abuse, all EU advertiser will need to be authorized in their country to run ads related to the European Parliamentary Elections.

“We will ask them (advertisers) to submit documents and use technical checks to confirm their identity and location. We will be using a combination of automated systems and user reporting to enforce this policy. We recognize that some people can try and work around any system but we are confident this will be a real barrier for anyone thinking of using our ads to interfere in an election from outside of a country.”

Richard Allan, VP Global Policy Solutions at Facebook

Facebook Ads Library

According to Facebook, many people expressed an interest in getting information about the ads run by political campaigns. That is why Facebook has rolled out the new and updated Facebook Ads Library.

New Facebook Ads Library.
New Facebook Ads Library.

This tool will be especially useful to election regulators, but also to anybody doing market or competitor research.

Facebook will keep the ads in the library for 7 years, and you’ll be able to see information about the number of times the ad was viewed, and demographics about the audience including age range, location, and gender.

It is obvious that Facebook is trying to make amends for all the scandals in the past year. New restriction will require advertisers to disclose who “paid for” the ad. Advertisers in the EU27 will be able to register for verification from Friday, with verification becoming mandatory in mid-April.

All the political ads published in the EU will be available in the new Ad Library. These information will also be available under the new “Page Transparency” section in Pages’ homes. New ads will be added to the library daily instead of weekly.

But why should I care?

Okay, maybe you’re not directly affected with this change. If you’re not looking to buy political ads in the EU region, you might think that nothing is changing for you.

But Facebook Ads Library gives you access to all active ads, even ones that may not have been shown to you because you weren’t a part of the advertisers targeted audience.

On the 28th of March, Facebook introduced new and updated Ad Library to make it easier to learn about all the ads and the Pages that run them.

New functions in the Facebook Ads Library.
New functions in the Facebook Ads Library.

New Facebook Ads Library will include:

  • Option to see all the active ads any Page is running
  • More information about Pages in the library
  • Advertiser spend information for ads related to politics
  • Improved search in the library
  • Ability to report ads from within the library

With the improved Facebook Ads Library, you’ll be able to find out when was the page created, was it merged with some other page or if the name was previously changed. You’ll also see the primary location of people who manage the page.

We can also see more info about each specific ad.

More details about each ad.
More details about each ad.

How to use Facebook Ads Library for user acquisition?

First step in mastering the UA process is understanding your audience. Knowing who your potential users are and understanding what they WANT from your app or game is what enables you to go out there and efficiently acquire users, at scale. Going into UA without understanding who you’re going after is not called UA, it’s called gambling.

Now, I also know that this is something which might not be so obvious or simple to understand, especially for someone who doesn’t come from a marketing background, so I’ll give you a quick workaround which will help you kickstart your learning process.

So what’s the quickest way to do it? Competitor research.

Competitor research

Every man in business, whether he’s a developer, marketer or a studio owner has a couple of companies he looks up to.

In hyper-casual space, everybody’s heard of Voodoo, Ketchapp, Lion, TastyPill, GoodJob Games… In casual, those would be King or Zynga. The list is going to be different for every app store category, but every category has some market leaders.

Researching the competition in the Facebook Ads Library.
Researching the competition in the Facebook Ads Library.

In a sense, these market leaders are your main competitors. You can’t really compete with them, as they’re well funded, have access to resources and relationships which you can’t get, but nothing stops you from looking into how they do (as it obviously works).

Facebook Ads Library gives you insight into the best practices of your competition.

To sum up:

Facebook has been rolling out plenty of updated in the last year, all to change the bad reputation following the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018, and the backlash after the presidential elections in the USA.

These changes are closely connected to the European Parliamentary elections coming later this year, but this tool will also be beneficial to anybody who is creating ads on Facebook or just want a better understanding of ads they’re seeing on the Internet.

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