Top 18 Video Ad Tools and Resources for Mobile Games

Top 18 Video Ad Tools and Resources for Mobile Games

by Mihovil Grguric

With so many apps and games out there, standing out is more difficult than ever.

If you manage to create video ads that capture the users’ attention, you’re on the right track.

Creating videos from scratch is a process that includes different tools, assets, and of course, a bit of know-how.

We’ve listed all types of video ad tools you can use to create video ads for mobile apps and games – from video editing software to places where you can find the right assets.

Today, the offer of editing tools and resources is huge, which makes decision making even harder.

For this reason, we’ve listed different free and paid tools as well as websites we’ve used for our video projects.

Let’s get started.

Video Ad Tools for Editing 

When choosing a video ad tool for editing, there are a couple of things you should base your choice on.


  • your knowledge and skill level
  • the type of video you want to create (basic gameplay, or advanced videos)
  • your budget limit

With this in mind, let’s start exploring the features of some of the most popular video ad tools for editing. To give you an even better overview, we’ve included not only their features but also their pricing.

adobe premiere pro video ad tools

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, an all-inclusive platform of 20+ tools and services for all kinds of creative workers. Premiere Pro is a tool every video editor is familiar with and has probably used, which is why it’s at the top of our list of video ad tools.

This video editing software provides all the basic features you need in one place. Due to its simple interface, it is used not only by professionals but also for editing purposes in vlogs or YouTube videos.

Here, you can import different assets (graphics, video, audio) in different formats. Once uploaded, all of these elements can be further manipulated and edited in a visual timeline.

Moreover, it provides a variety of effects and filters for creating polished scenes and seamless transitions.

After a video is edited, it can be exported as any kind of video format you can think of, ready to be shared on social media, app stores, television, or cinema.

This editing tool is suitable for most video editing tasks and challenges. In most cases, it is used for simple editing tasks such as cutting and adding text. If you want to create simple gameplay ads, you can do it with Premiere Pro.

However, its features are limited and some are missing by default.

This is because it is encouraged to use this tool combined with other Adobe tools. For example, the range of special effects and sound editing is decent, but professionals will need more. For this reason, it can be purchased separately or together with other Adobe tools such as After Effects and Photoshop.

Here are some more reasons why Premiere Pro is one of the best video ad tools.

Key Features

  • Integrated workflow timeline
  • Drag and drop effects
  • Dynamic audio options
  • Export options
  • Works on macOS and Windows

Pricing Plan

  • Free 7-day trial
  • Annual monthly plan – $20.99/month
  • Annual prepaid plan – $239.88/year
  • Monthly plan – $31.49/month
  • Business plan – $33.99/per month
  • All Creative Cloud apps  – $52.99/month
  • All Creative Cloud apps for businesses – US$79.99/month

adobe after effects ad video tools

Adobe After Effects

When it comes to advanced video ad tools for editing, Adobe After Effects is our #1 choice. Whether it’s text editing or 3D work, it can do the job.

Known for its versatility, this software is a post-production standard in the video industry. It is widely used in everything from film and television to web videos.

At Udonis, we use it to create app promo videos and video ads. Using this video editing tool, we are able to create eye-catching videos for mobile games that go above gameplay, highlighting the best features in every game.

If you want a video filled with visual effects, motion graphics, and animation, Adobe After Effects is the place for you.

This tool allows you to import all kinds of media files you can think of: from images, gifs to audio files.

The most impressive thing about Adobe After Effects is, without doubt, its collection of effects that can set anything in motion.

It offers numerous ways of creating visual effects by playing with images, videos, and other assets. You can use keyframes, shapes, cartoons, 3D text, or animated titles to create mind-blowing animations and effects for your video ads.

All of these assets and effects are organized into numerous layers to create stunning finished scenes. Finally, the program is able to produce high-quality videos by using the Render Queue.

After that, you can export it as any file, lay back, and watch it on any device.

The interface in this software is more complex than it is in Premiere Pro, but once you get a hold of it, your video editing options are endless. Keep in mind you will need a strong computer for all of these features to work at maximum speed.

Key Features

  • Video file organization
  • Effects and animations
  • Title design
  • Layer composition
  • Repair and enhancement
  • Video rendering
  • File export
  • Works on macOS and Windows

Pricing Plan

  • Free 7- day trial
  • Monthly plan – $31.49/month
  • Annual prepaid plan – $239.88/year
  • Annual monthly plan – $20.99/month
  • Business plan – $33.99/per month
  • All Creative Cloud apps  – $52.99/month
  • All Creative Cloud apps for businesses – US$79.99/month

final cut pro

Final Cut Pro

If you’re an Apple enthusiast, Final Cut Pro is probably the best solution for you. This tool is also highly respected and widely used throughout the video editing industry.

As this software is optimized for Mac, it is integrated with its own asset sources such as Photos and iTunes.

Final Cut Pro is proof that pro-level features don’t have to be complicated to use. Some of the most user-friendly features Final Cut Pro offers are its magnetic timeline, effect options, grouping, organizational, and audio editing features.

With Magnetic Timeline you can move, reorder and trim clips, while Compound Clips brings together all those separate clips into one package. Not only that, but it also comes with the industry’s most advanced multi-cam editing.

Its features go even further by using additional tools: Compressor and Motion. Compressor is used for audio compression and encoding. With Motion, you can choose from thousands of motion graphics, 2D, 3D, and 360° titles, as well as fluid transitions.

Finally, its Smart Conform adjusts the video format to be square, vertical, or custom. That will depend on where you want to place your video, for example, the app store or social media networks.

Final Cut Pro is a tool that is based on simplicity of use. With all of these time-saving features, you can put more focus on storytelling and less on technicalities.

Key features:

  • Intelligent color balancing
  • Motion and compressor
  • High dynamic range
  • Media Organization
  • Customizable effects
  • 360° editing
  • Multi-cam editing
  • Integrated audio editing

Pricing Plan

One-time fee – $299.99

DaVinci Resolve 

If you are looking for free video editing software, DaVinci Resolve is one of the best. The thing about this software is that nearly all the important features are available in the free version.

However, that’s not the only reason we’ve included it in our list of top video ad tools.

DaVinci Resolve is a professional video editing software even big-budget films and commercials use this tool for post-production.

If your video editing priorities are color correction and audio options, this is the software for you. Other than basic color options like curve adjustments and primary options, there are more advanced features like facial recognition and tracking.

Moreover, it offers 8K editing, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production.

Some of the main benefits of using this software for video production are its free and multiple platforms, simple interface, deep options for color grading, compositing, and sound editing as well as fast exports.

Keep in mind that this tool comes with a long learning curve and that the free version misses some features, after all.

Wondering what you can get from the paid version?

Some of the features DaVinci Resolve Studio offers are multi-user collaboration, HDR grading, and 3D tools. If you’re doing advanced work, it’s definitely worth it.

Key Features 

  • Professional editing tools
  • Color correction tools
  • Fairlight audio
  • Media and delivery
  • Cut page
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux

Pricing Plan

  • DaVinci Resolve 16 – Free
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 – $299

vegas pro 18 software

Vegas Pro 18

This professional video editing software was previously known as Sony Vegas Pro. It used to be the industry standard for video editing before it was outshined by more advanced tools.

However, if you’re looking for simple video ad tools for basic gameplay videos, Vegas Pro 18 can do it.

This tool is based on embracing the creative side of video editing and worrying less about the technical side.

It comes with a fast and intuitive interface. Here you can find a number of tools and features for your video editing projects. That includes adding subtitles, effects, filters, and optimizing images.

What makes Vegas Pro 18 so fast is the fact that all edits can be done directly on its timeline.

With this tool, you get control options such as multi-cam editing, image stabilization, and masking. When it comes to footage editing, you are able to work with HD, 4K, and 8K resolution.

Not bad, right?

Even though it’s easier to use than the previous software we listed, it does require some previous knowledge to master. Fortunately, it comes with a number of interactive tutorials to teach you how to use it.

Key Features

  • Editing features
  • Color Grading
  • Special Effects
  • Audio Editing
  • Workflow and UI features

Pricing Plan

  • Vegas Pro 18 Edit – One-time $399 fee
  • Vegas Pro 18 – One-time $599 fee
  • Vegas Pro 18 Suite – One-time $700 fee
  • Vegas Pro 365 – $19.99/month

Wondershare Filmora X

If you are looking for a video editor that is very easy to handle, look no further. This video editing software is perfect for simple, quick and effective edits, which is why it made our list of top video ad tools. 

The interface is very beginner-friendly, having everything visible and ready to drag-and-drop onto the video and audio timelines. 

If you are not experienced in color grading, keyframing or motion tracking, Filmora has your back. Even if you wanted to edit your green screen shots, you could do it by selecting Filmora’s Chroma Key option and everything else will be handled by the software.

When it comes to exporting your final product, you can speed up the rendering process by choosing Filmora’s GPU rendering acceleration option. 

While Filmora X is perfect for quick and easy video editing, FilmoraPro version is much more suitable for complex and more advanced video creation. Since both softwares have their subscription pricing plans, Filmora allows users to try the video editor software for free, but the videos will have a Filmora watermark. 

Key Features

  • Simple interface
  • GPU acceleration rendering 
  • Chroma Key
  • Motion Tracking
  • Pre-made filters and overlays
  • Option to share your work on any social media

Pricing Plan

  • Subscription Plan – $39.99/year
  • Perpetual Plan – $69.99/year
  • Bundle Subscription Plan – $99.87/year

Filmora X Illustration

Video Ad Tools: Assets 

As every video editor knows, adding the right assets to your videos is what makes all the difference. This includes anything from photos, footage, music, sound effects to 3D models, and recorded gameplay.

Free or paid, we got them covered.

envato elements

Envato Elements

Our go-to place when it comes to video assets is Envato Elements. This subscription-based service gives you unlimited download options with its extensive media library.

All the available assets here are curated and of high quality. This includes fonts, stock photos, graphic templates, stock videos, audio tracks, and even more.

Essentially, everything you could possibly need for producing video ads for your app or games can be found in one place.

When it comes to fonts, there are more than 8,200 of them to choose from. Envato’s stock photo collection is at the heart of their service with more than a million royalty-free stock photos. You can filter them out by tag, background, orientation, and even by main colors.

Moreover, you can find more than 800,000 stock videos and nearly 200,000 audio tracks. Finally, there are over 130,000 graphic templates that are made of vectors, backgrounds, patterns, icons, illustrations… Equally important, all of these assets are both authentic and licensed.

With such a big choice of assets, you are on the right track towards authentic videos. It is very important not to use identical stock assets as everyone else. This is something we’ve seen so many times.

Let’s say you want to create a video ad for your hyper casual mobile game. Here, you’ll be able to find everything you need. You have written a script, and all you need are some graphics, real-life footage, and some sound effects to create a full experience. Pair all of these in a perfect blend to really immerse the users!

Key features

  • Royalty-free photos
  • Royalty-free stock video
  • Video templates
  • Graphic templates
  • Add-ons
  • Fonts
  • Graphic templates
  • Presentation templates
  • 3D elements
  • Web templates
  • CMS templates
  • WordPress plugin

Pricing Plan

  • Individuals – $16.50/month
  • Teams – $10.75/month per member
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

adobe stock video assets

Adobe Stock

Another part of the Adobe Creative Cloud that video editors can utilize is Adobe Stock. This platform covers all kinds of assets you might need for creating your video ads.

Here you can find stock photos, illustrations, vector graphics, audio tracks, 3D models, and motion graphic templates. All of these assets have two things in common: they come in high resolution and are royalty-free. This means they are free to use for any purpose.

This stock library is huge. Their video collection alone contains more than 16 million items, from drone shots and portraits to time-lapses. Moreover, all of the content on the site is premium and manually reviewed before going live.

It is a great resource to be combined with other Adobe’s Creative Cloud products like Premiere or After Effects because it allows you to browse, license, and edit, all without having to leave the editing software’s interface.

Key Features

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Illustrations
  • Vector graphics
  • 3D assets
  • Video Templates

Pricing Plan


  • 10 Standard Assets – $29.99
  • 40 Standard Assets – $79.99
  • 350 Standard Assets – $169.99
  • 750 Standard Assets – $199.99


  • 10 Standard Assets – $49.99
  • 40 Standard Assets – $99.99
  • 350 Standard Assets – $199.99
  • 750 Standard Assets – $249.99



With a huge library of free vector graphics, icons and images, Freepik is one of the main asset sources for video editors. The site provides free content for personal use and commercial projects.

Freepik locates free content around the Internet and displays it in the search results. Even though the platform is free, it also offers a premium membership.

What can you get out of it?

You get access to premium content, an ad-free experience, and don’t have to attribute the authors. The free vs. premium content ratio is about 40/60.

When creating app videos, you might need more specific content that will fall into the premium category.  If you and your competitors have similar apps, you might end up using the same content just because it’s free. To ensure content diversity, Freepik uploads over 80,000 resources every month to ensure content diversity.

If you are creating video content for commercial purposes such as video ads, investing in premium content might be a good idea.

Key Features

  • Vectors
  • Illustrations
  • Photos
  • PSD files
  • Icons

Pricing Plan

  • 1 month – $9.99/month
  • 12 months – 7.50/month



Another platform video editors use for getting free assets is Pixabay. What’s special about this platform is all contents can be downloaded for any purpose without having to give credits or ask for permission.

Their #1 assets are free stock photos, with more than 2,1 million of them to browse from. They are followed by over 270,000 free illustrations and 100,000 vectors. You can also find thousands of video clips and footage. To round it up, there are thousands of audio and music tracks to choose from.

When creating videos, you will often use vector art. We found that the number one search term for vectors is “background”. This is exactly what you might need for producing a video for your app/game.

When it comes to their footage selection, it’s of high quality and can be used freely. This means you are free to download a Pixabay video for your video ads with no worries.

For example, you’ve downloaded footage of a person using their phone. Here, you can insert your gameplay on the phone’s screen. And unlike with most other footage providers, the footage from Pixabay is completely free for any creative project. This means you can use it for social media or other promotional purposes with no worries about royalty.

Key features

  • Photos
  • Illustrations
  • Vectors
  • Videos
  • Music
  • No attribution
  • High quality

Pricing Plan

  • Free



This platform works similarly to Pixabay. If you need high-resolution assets or your video project, feel free to browse through.

Their content is also free for both personal and commercial use and no attribution is required. In other words, download whatever you need from Pexels with no strings attached.

In the Pixabay gallery, you can find both photo and video assets. All of these are uploaded by users or generated from other free image websites. After that, they hand-pick the assets to ensure maximum quality.

Another great thing about Pexels is you don’t need to create an account. But if you do, there are some benefits like creating collections and being able to see every photo you’ve ever downloaded.

Some of the features users like best on Pexels are its searchability and ease of use. You can filter your search by orientation, size, and color to find ideal assets for your videos.

Key Features

  • Free stock photos
  • Free stock videos


  • Free



Images and videos aren’t the only assets you can find online. With FootageCrate, you can find different visual effects and motion graphics to create memorable videos.

Here, you can choose between 10,000 custom high definition resources, with new ones being produced every day. The content found on this site is original, high quality, and created by Hollywood professionals.

In detail, all of their visual effects and motion graphics are pre-matted and use lossless codecs.

FootageCrate’s offer of graphics and objects feature realistic models applicable to different settings and themes.

Does it matter which video editing software you’re using?

No, FootageCrate content is compatible with any editing software. This is because whatever you choose to download, you can do it in multiple formats.

Whether you need some fire or smoke to boost your video, or are in search of some atmospheric music, you got it. To take your production to the next level, explore the graphics, texture, and 3D archives.

When it comes to pricing, here’s the difference between free and pro memberships. The free version offers access to basic archives that include SoundsCrate, RenderCrate, and GraphicsCrate. It is also limited to up to 5 downloads a day. On the other hand, a pro membership gives you access to all available archives, higher-quality and faster downloads, as well as premium content.

Key Features

  • HD visual effects
  • Motion graphics
  • Sound effects
  • Original Music
  • Graphics and textures
  • 3D objects

Pricing Plan

  • Free version
  • Pro for individuals – $4.08/month
  • Enterprise – $299/year

free 3d


If you’re looking for a way to make your videos more realistic, what better way to do it than with 3D assets. This site brings you thousands of free 3D assets you can instantly download and use in your editing tool such as Adobe After Effects.  Resources from this site can be used for both commercial and personal projects.

Some of the model types they feature include Blender models, FBX models, Cinema 4D models, Maya models, Animated models, and more.

All of these are further separated into categories.

If you need to use a model of a smartphone, a laptop, an axe, or a women’s bra, they have it. Their 12 categories cover all the things you can think of when creating a video ad.

A positive thing about their models is that they often come with loaded textures, making them as realistic as possible.

The models are separated into free and premium categories. The prices in the premium category are mostly a few dollars, depending on the model.

Pricing Plan

  • Price by model

Key Features

  • 3D models by category

epidemic sound

Epidemic Sound

Finding music for videos can be tricky. Precisely, finding music you’re legally allowed to use in your videos is the hard part. Epidemic Sound is a popular and valuable source of soundtracks for video editors.

The music found on this site is 100% original with more than 30,000 tracks to choose from. Their services are used by numerous online creators, broadcasters, production houses, YouTubers, and influencers.

All the tracks from this website are able to be used on any platform, anywhere. When creating a video, you should find music that matches your script. Epidemic Sound makes it possible to search through their library and find the perfect match for your videos.

For example, if you are making a video ad for a storytelling game, depending on the situation, good genre choices could be drama, thriller, romance, or adventure.

A video for a hyper-casual game, on the other hand, might feature some house or chill music. Naturally, an action game video ad would fit best with some high BPM music.

There are over 180 genres in the Epidemic Sound catalog. Some of the most popular ones include beats, electronic music, hip hop, pop, acoustic and emotional music. You can also browse through the music according to featured categories, moods, and albums.

Other than music, they provide sound effects that highlight any scene –  from footsteps to cartoons and horror sounds.

The resources on this site are free to listen to, but downloads require a subscription. The users have several options, they can subscribe for unlimited downloads or license single tracks.

Key Features

  • Original music
  • Sound effects

Pricing Plan

  • Personal – $13/month
  • Commercial – $49/month
  • Enterprise – custom

mixkit ad video assets


Tight on budget? No problem. Mixkit is a platform that provides free assets for video editing. In their gallery, you can find stock video clips, stock music tracks, sound effects, and video templates. All of these resources are royalty-free.

Their video clips can be used for creating everything from music videos to promo videos, and video ads.

Video templates on this platform are intended to be used in Premiere Pro software, but you can demand templates for these tools as well: After Effects, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve.

Mixkit is provided by Envato Elements which keeps it constantly updated with fresh media on a weekly basis.

The library is divided into different categories like nature, lifestyle, food, and others. You can make unlimited downloads across genres from cinematic, to hip hop.

Not only is it free, but to download assets from Mixkit you don’t even need to register or subscribe.

Key Features

  • Video Clips
  • Music
  • Sound Effects
  • Video Templates

Pricing Plan

  • Free

free stock textures

Free Stock Textures

When you’re creating a video, textures can give it a whole new look. By using them, you add style and depth to your shapes and layers.

In video ads, you can use them for anything from backgrounds to text effects, or to enrich your call to action button. If you’re doing some more advanced 3D work, you can use these textures to fill out voids and make them more realistic.

The problem is that when searching for textures, you can’t just use the search engine due to copyright. That’s where databases like these come in.

Free Stock Textures provides high-resolution, royalty-free textures, and photos that can be used for personal and commercial projects.

The site provides multiple navigable categories such as Abstract, Wall, or Nature. You also have the option of searching for textures based on color or keywords. When clicking on a certain image, it will also show related pictures.

Since it’s free, you may think there must be some kind of a limit.

Actually, no. The only thing you should look out for is the space on your hard drive since most of the textures on the site take up about 10 MB.

Key Features

  • Royalty-free textures
  • Different categories
  • Search by color or keyword

Pricing Plan

  • Free



Texturify is another popular free website where you can find textures for your videos, and it’s one of our favorites.

Here you can find a big selection of high-resolution textures, backgrounds as well as LDR spherical 360 environment panoramas. All of these assets are made to bring a real-feel element to your videos. The resources downloaded from Texturify can be used across different editing software.

When browsing the library, there are different categories like Asphalt, Bricks, Sky, Water, or Wood. You can also browse by keyword, color, and orientation.

For example, if your video is city-based, you can highlight your text with brick effects.

Finally, this site also allows you to use their resources for personal and commercial purposes, so you’re free to use them for video advertising.

Key Features

  • Free textures
  • Different categories
  • Search by color, keyword, or orientation

Pricing Plan

  • Free

az screen recorder

Screen Recorders

Gameplay ads are the most common type of video ad for mobile games. The reason behind that is simple. Gameplay footage is the best and most truthful representation of a game and users want to see it before they download a game.

To create gameplay ads, you’ll first need to record gameplay footage. Here are the best tools for that.

AZ Screen Recorder

We use one particular tool to record gameplay – AZ Screen Recorder. Here’s what makes it one of the best video ad tools.

It is available for Android devices and records high-quality gameplay footage: 1080p, 60FPS, 12Mbps.

Equally important, this app captures internal and external sounds.

According to its app store page, it has been featured on Google Play Home Page, BusinessInsider, CNET, HuffPost, Yahoo News, and more.

Key features

  • Screen recording
  • High-quality video
  • No recording limit
  • Video editor

Pricing Plan

  • Free (contains ads and in-app purchases)

XRecorder Screen Recorder

Another great option for a mobile screen recorder app is XRecorder. It has more than 100 million downloads on the app stores and a 4.8 rating.

If you’re looking for simple video ad tools that get the job done, you’ll like this app. It features a floating window and notification bar, which includes an easily accessible record button. Captured video comes in HD and there isn’t any lag.

This app also captures high-quality audio and clear sounds.

You’ll probably use other tools to edit videos, but XRecorder has some basic video editing features that might come in handy like the ability to trim, crop, rotate, merge, and speed up videos.

Key Features

  • Clear sound and no lag
  • Easy to use
  • No watermark
  • No recording time limit
  • Video editing features
  • Ability to capture screen with facecam


  • Free (contains ads and in-app purchases)

Video Ad Tools Wrap Up

Hopefully, this list will help you choose the right video ad tools for your app or game.

When choosing a tool, remember that editing is not just about putting your video together. It is about storytelling, its flow, and how you communicate with your audience.

If you feel like you could use some help with creating videos for your app or game, look no further. We specialize in creating video ads and app promo videos. So don’t hesitate to reach out!


About Udonis

Udonis is an independent full-service mobile marketing agency that acquired more than 300,000,000 users for mobile games since 2018.

Visit udonis.co


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