GAMEE Launches Blockchain Mobile Gaming Platform Arc8

GAMEE Launches Blockchain Mobile Gaming Platform Arc8

by Mihovil Grguric

GAMEE launches blockchain mobile gaming platform Arc8. The company is backed by Animoca Brands, which recently raised $65 million

For years, GAMEE has operated a real-money mobile gaming platform that is funded by ads. However, now they’ve decided to venture into the world of blockchain. Their blockchain project, Arc8, has launched on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

The platform Arc8 contains ten hyper-casual games people can play and earn rewards. One of the rewards is the newly introduced cryptocurrency GMEE. The cryptocurrency is a token on the Polygon blockchain, which is a part of the Ethereum cryptocurrency system. 

Arc8 Presentation
Source: Arc8

About Arc8

GAMEE launched Arc8 on October 26th, 2021, and, as Animoca Brands reported, they have already gathered more than 1.3 million registered users. The platform was launched in beta version in September, and it has reached more than a million users in less than three weeks. 

According to Animoca Brands, this successful launch has made Arc8 one of the top 3 blockchain games across all blockchains. Besides that, it has made their app no.1 Dapp on the Polygon chain.

Dapp is a decentralized application, which means that those apps don’t run on a single computer but rather on a blockchain or P2P network of computers.

Just a couple of weeks after the beta version was released, on October 3rd, Arc8 noted a rapid user growth. Moreover, according to Animoca Brands, this growth pushed the Polygon chain to overtake the Ethereum ecosystem as measured by daily active users.

Now that the platform has fully launched, players can play different hyper-casual games, participate in group tournaments and one-on-one matches

Arc8 Features
Source: Arc8

Future Plans

The cryptocurrency GMEE is used to pay entry fees in game tournaments and make purchases on the platform. Along with those functions, the GMEE token is also designed to vote on GAMEE roadmaps and game deployment. Moreover, the token can be used for voting on the distribution of prize and rewards pools.

Bozena Rezab, the co-founder and CEO of GAMEE, stated that she was thrilled that Arc8 had had such a successful launch. Also, she noted that everyone in GAMEE was grateful to all of the 1.3 million players who had joined the platform so quickly. Arc8’s priority, as Rezab said, is the play-to-earn capabilities. 

The core aspect of the blockchain platform, she continued, had attracted many traditional gamers who didn’t interact with blockchain before. Furthermore, she added, the GAMEE team hoped that the official launch of Arc8 would drive greater mass adoption of blockchain games. 

In the future, according to the press release, GAMEE is getting ready to launch G-Bots. These G-Bots are upgradeable NFT game characters. This NFT concept on GAMEE’s platform is meant to grant owners access to exclusive play-to-earn tournaments. 

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