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Top Mobile App Conferences in 2020 (Pricing Included)

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Mihovil Grguric

Created: November 4, 2019

Last Update: December 6, 2019

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If you are wise, you will want to plan your mobile events calendar for 2020 months in advance.

Do you want a more successful mobile year in 2020? These app and mobile conferences and events will help you dig deep into the latest mobile trends. You are bound to pick up top tips for your growing business. Many of these events offer ample networking opportunities.

There are over hundreds of mobile conferences and events in 2020. We know how difficult it is to find the best fit for you or your business.

To help you, we’ve created a list of the best mobile industry events for 2020. Do you have a mobile-focused conference or event you’d like us to add to this list? Let us know. You can reach out to us here.

December 2019

Affiliate World Asia

Affiliate World Asia is one of the world’s chief gatherings of influential e-commerce and performance marketers. This two-day event in Bangkok will expose you to the industry’s thought leaders. Since 2015, the conference has grown to become recognized worldwide and now nearly 200 companies attend each year with over 3,000 attendees at each event.

When: 5th December 2019

Where: Bangkok, Thailand

Topics: affiliate marketing

Price: $874 for affiliates, $1,249 for companies

Website: Affiliate World Asia

Who should attend: e-commerce marketing experts, performance marketing professionals, marketing business owners, C-Suite Executives


App Growth Awards

Launched in 2017, the App Growth Awards are the annual indicator for global app growth and marketing. Industry innovation and success are being awarded and this year will be no different. Furthermore, the awards will facilitate and celebrate the progress of app marketing. The deadline for entries was 26th September and the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin on 5th December.

When: 5th December 2019

Where: Berlin, Germany


Price: €125 + €23.75 VAT

Website: App Growth Awards

Who should attend: mobile app marketers, anyone interested in a gathering of the world’s best marketers


MMA Forum: Paris

On December 5th in Paris, you can learn how to effectively allocate resources to establish the right infrastructure to leverage the latest mobile trends. During MMA Forum in Paris, you will get the chance to connect with the world’s top marketers in the mobile industry.

When: 5th December 2019

Where: Paris, France


Price: /

Website: MMA Global

Who should attend: C-suite executives


App Promotion Summit: Berlin

App Promotion Summit in Berlin was launched in 2013 to offer an opportunity to learn growth marketing tactics and strategies. The summit is Berlin’s leading mobile app conference. It offers a chance to learn directly from the world’s best app growth professionals. The one-day format of summit will have five rooms of knowledge and yet still plenty enough of time for networking.

When: 5th December 2019

Where: Berlin, Germany

Topics: app growth, influencer marketing, App Store Optimization (ASO), user acquisition, social media, analytics, engagement, and retention

Price: €600.00 + €114.00 VAT

Website: App Promotion Summit: Berlin

Who should attend: app growth experts and newcomers, influencers, mobile app marketers


Mobile Trends Summit: London

You can attend the Mobile Trends Masterclass from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm on December 5th in London. The masterclass will examine the past mobile trends and look at how the industry has responded to the latest challenges. The Mobile Trends Masterclass will scrutinize upcoming mobile trends in 2020 through a Q&A section, roundtable discussions and a presentation from a leading marketer. The event is free for brand delegates who meet the criteria.

When: 5th December 2019

Where: London, UK

Topics: mobile trends in 2020

Price: On Request

Website: Mobile Trends Summit: London

Who should attend: mobile marketers that wish to stay up-to-date, senior and junior marketing managers


AGS Mastermind Roundtables Seattle

Unlike the regular App Growth Summits, AGS Mastermind Roundtables is one part brainstorming, one part ideas exchange. The main purpose of this event in Seattle is to create lasting connections in a new and positive environment with an emphasis on knowledge sharing, ideation, and networking. AGS Mastermind Roundtables is an invite-only event limited to industry experts.

When: 10th December 2019

Where: Seattle, USA

Topics: app growth roundtable discussions

Price: Invite Only

Website: AGS Mastermind Roundtables Seattle

Who should attend: mobile app publishers, developers and brand marketers


January 2020

iOS Conf Singapore

The iOS Conference in Singapore will last three full days. Guests can participate in over 20 iOS and Swift talks from 18th to 19th January. On January 17, A full-day workshop will be held on January 17. The workshop will offer hands-on experience, mostly on functional programming in Swift and modern application architecture.

When: 17th – 19th January

Where: Singapore

Topics: iOS, Swift, SwiftUI, Concurrency, and Server-Side Swift

Price: $320 for conferences, $450 for conferences and workshops

Website: iOS Conf Singapore 2020

Who should attend: junior and senior Swift developers


Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020

PG Connects London 2020 will feature a combination of topics focusing on key issues in the mobile games industry. Some of those topics will dive deeper into influencer insights, mobile game monetization, and esports culture, just to name a few. The big news this year is the introduction of Big Screen Gaming where you’ll find speakers and panels going deep into PC and console gaming. Another arrival is the Blockchain Gamer Live, a mini-conference that will cover everything about Cryptocurrency and dApps.

When: 20th – 21st January 2020

Where: London, UK

Topics: Android, AR/VR, Blockchain, Consoles, iOS, PC, Indie Game Development, Hypercasual Games, Game publishing, Esports

Price: $185 for Indie devs, $370 for devs and publishers, $580 for non-devs, $1500 VIP ticket

Website: Pocket Gamer London 2020

Who should attend: indie game developers, mobile game developers, PC and console game developers, gaming publishers, gaming enthusiasts


Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2020

Steel Media will hold the second Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards during the Pocket Gamer Connects London event. As the company behind Pocket Gamer, Steel Media will be host of the awards. A panel of judges from the mobile gaming industry will vote for the awards. At the same time, a special People’s Choice award will be voted for by mobile consumers.

When: 21st January 2020

Where: London, UK

Topics: Android, Augmented Reality, iOS, Virtual Reality

Price: $150.00

Website: Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2020

Who should attend: ad agencies, C-Level Executives, developers, investors, mobile marketers, marketing students, YouTubers & Streamers


White Nights Amsterdam 2020

White Nights Amsterdam is a leading business conference for the game industry in Europe. Over 4500 attendees visit the event every year, their main reason being the opportunity to speak with decision-makers in a face-to-face conversation. Industry leaders such as King, Rovio, Supercell, and Bandai Namco have attended the event in the previous years and you can expect to find some of them this year, too. The White Nights is a hard-to-pass networking opportunity. However, the topics have yet to be announced. White Nights will release more information on this year’s course by the end of December 2019.

When: 23rd – 24th January

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Topics: TBA in December 2020

Price: €150 Indie Dev Pass, €250 Game Developers or Game Publishers Standard Pass, €400 Non-Game Developers or Non-Game Publishers Standard Pass

Website: White Nights in Amsterdam

Who should attend: Game Developers, Game publishers, Indie Developers


Affiliate Summit West

Taking place between January 27 and 29, Affiliate Summit West 2020 is the place to be if you want to connect with performance marketing experts. The event itself will have over 6,000 affiliate marketing industry’s stakeholders. If you want to do business with performance marketing agencies, this is the place to be.

When: 27th – 29th January 2020

Where: Las Vegas, USA

Topics: affiliate marketing

Price: $380.00 basic plan, $800.00 VIP

Website: Affiliate Summit West

Who should attend: performance marketing experts and newcomers, business owners looking for performance marketers, anyone wanting to learn more about performance marketing


Marketing Technology Fair

The first Marketing Technology Fair (MTF) was launched back in 2003 in Tokyo. Since then the event has grown in popularity each year. It is the largest marketing event in Japan at the moment. Presenters will showcase the latest technologies and services to other marketing professionals. Visitors will also get the chance to attend seminars regarding the newest trends in marketing. There will be over 100 exhibits according to the forecast on their official website.

When: 28th – 29th January

Where: Tokyo, Japan

Topics: marketing trends, marketing technologies, marketing in Japan

Price: /

Website: MTF

Who should attend: marketers interested in the latest Japanese trends and technologies, marketers interested in Japan as a marketing region


AGS Mastermind Roundtables NYC

AGS Mastermind will hold a roundtable event in New York City on January 29, 2020. The event is similar in structure to AGS Mastermind Roundtables Seattle in that it is part brainstorming, part idea exchange center. During this event, you will have time to connect and expand your network of likeminded individuals, but also time to ask and discuss any app growth questions you have. Like the Seattle event, this one is also by invitation only.

When: 29th January 2020

Where: New York, USA

Topics: app growth roundtable discussions

Price: On Request, Invites Only

Website: AGS Mastermind Roundtables NYC

Who should attend: mobile app publishers, developers, brand marketers, app growth beginners, app growth experts


Japan IT Week

Western Japan’s largest IT trade show is the Osaka conference Japan IT Week. It consists of 9 IT specialized exhibitions such as IoT Expo, Digital Marketing Expo, AI & Business Automation Expo and others. This will be the fourth time the event would be held in 2020, gathering guests across the entire Japan marketing sector. The ticket is free if you request it on time. 5,000 Yen per person will be charged to people without a ticket so be sure to grab your free pass on time.

When: 29th – 31st January

Where: Osaka, Japan

Topics: business process automation, AI, 

Price: Free

Website: Japan IT Week

Who should attend: administration, R&D, marketers


February 2020

Japan Marketing Week February

Japan Marketing Week will be held in Makuhari Messe, a convention center stone’s throw away from Tokyo in Chiba city, between the 5th and the 7th of February. The event will cover a wide range of general marketing topics, focusing on current trends.

When: 5th – 7th February

Where: Tokyo, Japan

Topics: Japan marketing trends in 2020

Price: Free

Website: Japan Marketing Week

Who should attend: marketers interested in the latest Japanese trends and technologies, marketers interested in Japan as a marketing region


Mobile Programmatic SF 2020

Mobile Programmatic SF will be fully dedicated to mobile programmatic. The event will help sharpen your skills and develop a stronger programmatic strategy. Various discussions on the topic of mobile programmatic will ensure you get a firmer grasp on the industry, all while you are optimizing your programmatic strategy in a non-sales environment. The emphasis of the event is education and anyone looking to start with mobile programmatic should try to join the event.

When: 6th February 2020

Where: San Francisco, USA

Topics: app growth

Price: On Request, Invite Only

Website: Mobile Programmatic SF 2020

Who should attend: mobile app publishers, mobile app developers, brand marketers


Asia Pacific Game Summit

According to Newzoo, Taiwan was the 15th country in the global game market with over $1.3 billion in revenue. For this reason, Asia Pacific Game Summit will try to bridge the gap between Taiwan and the global games market with an annually held game conference. 

When: 6th – 7th February

Where: Taipei, Taiwan

Topics: Business & Marketing, Game Development, eSports, Virtual Reality, Blockchain Application, Indie Games, Tech Trends

Price: /

Website: APGS

Who should attend: indie games developers, foreign and domestic game industry-related professionals


Mobile Growth Summit 2020

Mobile Growth Summit is a San Francisco conference with a focus on publishers and publishing of mobile apps. MGS will last for two days which is more than enough time to connect with other marketing colleagues. The Mobile Growth Summit will have four tracks. Visitors will be able to choose the ones they are most interested in from these four: “Mobile Growth & Marketing, Product & Development, Mobile Gaming, and Bleeding Edge Tech”.

When: 12th – 13th February

Where: San Francisco, USA

Topics: User Acquisition, App Monetization, App Retention and Engagement, analytics as it pertains to mobile, retail, and mCommerce brands

Price: $295 for early bird developers, $1,595 for vendors and agencies

Website: Mobile Growth Summit

Who should attend: app owners, mobile app marketers, anyone interested in mobile app growth


Developer Week

Over 8,000 engineers, developers, managers, software architects, and executives from over 70 different countries will attend this year’s Developer Week in San Francisco Bay Area. Developer Week 2020 is the largest dev conference in San Francisco with dozens of events spread out through the week-long event. The main topics will include the latest developer technologies, platforms, languages, and tools. 

When: 12th – 16th February

Where: San Francisco, USA

Topics: latest developer technologies, platforms, languages, tools

Price: $645.00 to $995.00

Website: Developer Week

Who should attend: developers of junior and senior level regardless of their specialization, executives, IT product and project managers


Digital: Relaunch

If you find yourself in Berlin this February, be sure to visit Digital: Relaunch, a digitization conference held between 17 and 18 February. While the key topic isn’t directly related to marketing, it will benefit you indirectly. Many businesses are still undergoing their digital transformation and at Digital: Relaunch you will learn how to promote those businesses to help them grow accustomed to an online business model and marketing.

When: 17th – 18th February

Where: Berlin, Germany

Topics: digital transformation, new age marketing

Price: € 386.75

Website: Digital: Relaunch

Who should attend: business owners, executives, project and product managers


Mobile World Congress: Barcelona

MWC is the single, largest mobile event in the entire world. Today’s most influential visionaries are accompanied by the latest mobile innovations and cutting-edge mobile tech. During the event, industry leaders and influencers will share their knowledge and experience, together with their vision for the future.

When: 24th – 27th February 2020

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Connectivity: The 5G Era, Mobile Media & Entertainment, Mobile Security & Privacy, Customer Engagement

Price: €799, €1,699, €2,199, €2,699, €4,999

Website: Mobile World Congress Barcelona

Who should attend: CEOs, mobile developers & marketers, marketing students


Forward Marketing Summit Sydney 2020

Forward Marketing Summit was formerly known as the “Big Data & AI Leaders Summit and Digital Marketing Leaders Summit”. Now that’s a mouthful. To continue, this summit will bring over 300 digital marketing experts, developers, analysts, and data scientists in one place in Sydney. Speakers will share their know-how and best marketing practices to show guests how to leverage the power of data, optimize marketing tech stack, and build scalable data infrastructures. If any of these phrases appeal to you, order an early bird ticket to save some cost later.

When: 27th – 28th February

Where: Sydney, Australia

Topics: Omnichannel, eCommerce, mobile commerce, B2B marketing, brand and content marketing, data science, marketing management strategies

Price: $399 to $699

Website: Forward Marketing Summit Sydney 2020

Who should attend: Professional Marketing Managers, Analysts, Data Scientists, Research & Development, Designers


March 2020

QCon 2020

QCon is a conference for senior software engineers that will be held in London in the first days of March 2020. The conference will teach you how to drive innovation and change in and with software. QCon will also talk about emerging trends and tools with an emphasis on patterns and practices (not products or pitches). 

When: 2nd – 4th March

Where: London, UK

Topics: Microservices, Security, Java, JavaScript, REST, gRPC, GraphQL, GDPR, Machine Learning

Price: £1,470 for the conference alone, £2,530 the conference and two days of workshops

Website: QCon London

Who should attend: Professional Software Developers, Senior Software Engineers


eTail Asia 2020

To make sure that the conference covers as many of the latest marketing and commerce trends as possible, eTail Asia spends 6 months on research and program development. eTail Asia is also a great place for networking if you want to grow your marketing career in Asia. With plenty of networking opportunities, you will get the chance to connect with your marketing peers in Singapore.

When: 3rd – 5th March

Where: Singapore

Topics: Asian eCommerce and Digital Marketing

Price: $1,499 for eTailers and retailers, $2,499 for non-retailers

Website: eTail Asia

Who should attend: digital marketers interested in Asian marketing best practices and the region


App Growth Summit LA 2020

A full day of content created only to help app marketers, brands, gaming and entertainment companies will kick off App Growth Summit’s third year. At this event, you will be given the opportunity to refine your plan for growth in 2020. With dozens of sessions ranging from presentations to expert-led discussions, App Growth Summit LA 2020 is the perfect place for start-ups to meet and share their experience. The event boasts that it will feature limited vendors while maximizing your learning chances and networking opportunities.

When: 5th March 2020

Where: Los Angeles, USA

Topics: mobile app growth

Price: On Request

Website: App Growth Summit LA

Who should attend: C-suite executives, mobile marketers



“By app developers, for app developers” is the catchword of Appdevcon. The app conference for developers will be held during four days with multiple tracks which are designed to always have at least one session that should be of interest to an app developer, whether you’re an iOS, Android or some other app dev. Anyone involved in building an app is invited to attend. Organizers of Appdevcon expect over 400 attendees and around 40 speakers.

When: 10th – 13th March 2020

Where: Amsterdam

Topics: Android, iOS, Windows, Web, TV and other apps

Price: €75.00 for students, €180.00 to €710.00 for everyone else

Website: Appdevcon

Who should attend: app developers, iOS developers, Android developers


GDC 2020

For a start, GDC stands for Game Developers Conference and that is exactly what it is. The GDC event of 2020 will happen in San Francisco during a full course of five days. It is one of the game industry’s premier professional events for game developers. The Game Developer Conference brings gaming devs together to form a stronger community of game devs to exchange ideas and solve industry-related problems. The event will offer lectures, panels, and roundtable discussions where gaming devs will be free to chip in and share their knowledge and experience of developing a game.

The game industry’s leading professional event, Game Developers Conference (GDC), brings the developer community in San Francisco. There they will share and exchange ideas, best practices, solve common industry problems, and engage in game-related discussions. GDC will also host two award ceremonies, one for Game Developers and the other for Indie Game Developers. If you are a game developer or a designer, this event will feature five days of education to help you grow and foster your gaming career.

When: 16th to 20th March 2020

Where: San Francisco, USA

Topics: Android, Augmented Reality, Console, Handheld Console, iOS, PC, Steam, Virtual Reality, Wearables, Windows, Windows Phone

Price: $1000.00

Website: GDC 2020

Who should attend: C-Level Execs, game developers, game investors, gaming marketers, game publishers, game designers, game marketing professionals, visual artists, sound designers, gaming YouTubers, gaming streamers and influencers,


iOSCon 2020 – The conference for iOS and Swift Developers

To celebrate the latest developments and happenings in iOS and Swift, visit the iOSCon 2020. During the event, you will be able to find out all about the latest iOS and Swift technologies, best industry practices and many other iOS related stuff. iOSCon 2020 is the go-to conference for all things iOS, from the latest industry trends to developments and happenings surrounding the iOS-sphere. The leading iOS and Swift experts will share their ideas and practices of mobile technology so don’t miss out if you belong to this group.

When: 19th – 20th March 2020

Where: London, UK

Topics: mobile phones, iPhone, mobile apps mobile technology, Apple, Swift, iOS, Swiftlang

Price: £1200+VAT

Website: iOSCon 2020

Who should attend: iOS senior and junior developers, iOS app developers, Swift developers


April 2020


DGC Dubai is a four-part show. To connect the global game development industry, DGC Dubai has prepared four different shows. Mobile Games Summit will have discussions on the latest news of the entire mobile gaming ecosystem while the eSports Summit will go over merchandising, fan engagement, and more. Besides these two, you will also find VR & AR Summit and Blockchain Summit at DGC Dubai if you want to know more about these upcoming gaming trends.

When: 1st – 2nd April

Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Topics: Mobile Games, eSports, VR & AR, Blockchain & Games

Price: $70 for students, $164 for visitors, $330 for game devs, $500 for game companies

Website: DGC Dubai

Who should attend: Game Developers, Game Publishers

App Promotion Summit London 2020

App Promotion Summit in London will feature a combination of short talks, discussions, and interactive sessions. The sessions will go in-depth to get down to the nitty-gritty of mobile app growth. There will be three workshop rooms for deep-dive sessions and more intimate discussions. The event will cover new ways of growing an app through strategies such as App Store Optimization, user acquisition, analytics, and influencer marketing.

When: 2nd April 2020

Where: London, UK

Topics: app promotion, marketing an app, app growth through mobile marketing channels, App Store Optimization (ASO), app user acquisition, social media, mobile analytics, and retention

Price: £600.00 + £120.00 VAT standard ticket

Website: App Promotion Summit London

Who should attend: mobile marketers, CEOs looking to grow their apps, mobile app developers


App Growth Summit NYC 2020

App Growth Summit returns to New York City on April 2, 2020. Much like the other App Growth Summit events, this one is also an invite-only, limited-vendor event. It will feature more than a dozen of mobile industry professionals ready to share their knowledge and experience of mobile app growth strategies. The event will also feature a publisher-to-publisher roundtable with an expended lounge for easier networking.

When: 2nd April 2020

Where: New York, USA

Topics: mobile app growth strategies

Price: invite-only

Website: App Growth Summit NYC

Who should attend: mobile marketers, app owners, C-suite executives



Droidcon is a mobile event entirely dedicated to all things Android. Developers and engineers will find a multitude of highly relevant tech topics, but even others, like researchers, marketers, designers, and managers can discover a web of mobile topics relevant to their specific Android field. The event will be held in Turin, Italy from 16 to 17 April, followed by a two-day hackathon that anyone can join.

When: 16th – 17th April 2020

Where: Turin, Italy

Topics: all things Android – from development to marketing

Price: €99.00+€6.65 Fee & Tax for students, €99.00+€6.65 Fee & Tax for everyone else (€139.00+€8.85 Fee & Tax after December 1st, 2019)

Website: Droidcon Italy

Who should attend: #android4everyone Android designers, Android developers, Android marketers, and project managers, Android App owners, Android enthusiasts


Content Tech Summit

Content Tech Summit promises to show its guests how to use technology more effectively, scale their content businesses, and provide a better digital experience. The summit will try to answer the question of how can we ensure that businesses use or prepare a proper content marketing strategy.

When: 20th – 22nd April

Where: San Diego, USA

Topics: Content Marketing, Mobile Content, Email Automation, Analytics & Tracking

Price: From $1,099 for early birds to $2,399 for an all-access pass

Website: Content Tech Summit

Who should attend: C-Suite Executives, VPs, senior digital marketers


White Nights CEO Summit Barcelona

The White Nights CEO Summit is an exclusive conference where company CEOs, COOs, CFOs, managers, and company presidents can share their insights and experiences to expand their knowledge and help each other grow to become more profitable.

When: 27th – 28th April

Where: Barcelona

Topics: /

Price: €1000

Website: White Nights CEO Summit

Who should attend: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, top-level managers, presidents, and vice-presidents



CodeMobile, a UK developer conference, is a mobile event made by developers for developers. The event has been created for everyone who loves mobile apps. CodeMobile UK is a unique opportunity to connect with other developers from your work field. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Android or iOS dev, everybody is equally at home here. During the course of two days, there will be 25 in-depth talks and discussions focusing on various mobile tools, frameworks, APIs, techniques, and other mobile relevant topics.

When: 28th – 29th April 2020

Where: The Barbican Centre, London, UK

Topics: Swift, Kotlin, Java, Accessibility, Tools, UI/UX, Testing, Automation, TDD/BDD, API’s, Frameworks, Standards, and Techniques

Price: from £350 + VAT for early birds to £550 + VAT Last Chance (students get a 30% discount)

Website: CodeMobile

Who should attend: Mobile app developers, app development business owners, project managers


May 2020

MAU Vegas

MAU Vegas is one of the world’s leading mobile acquisition and retention summits. Over 2500 mobile industry leaders from top brands will gather for two full days of networking and education in Las Vegas.

When: 6th – 7th May 2020

Where: Las Vegas, USA

Topics: mobile acquisition and retention, mobile monetization

Price: On Request, Attendance is by application only

Website: MAU Vegas

Who should attend: mobile app marketers, mobile app developers, app owners, C-suite executives, project & product managers


App Growth Summit Berlin 2020

App Growth Summit is hosting its third event in Berlin on May 14, 2020. The event will consist of a full-day of sessions, presentations, talks, and discussions. You will be able to discuss your app growth strategies with industry experts and thought-leaders in a Master Class Workshop.

When: 14th May 2020

Where: Berlin, Germany

Topics: app growth discussions, techniques, and technologies

Price: On Request

Website: App Growth Summit Berlin 2020

Who should attend: mobile app developers, mobile app marketers, mobile app owners



As the largest game dev conference in Eastern Europe, DevGAMM offers high-quality content about the most recent game development trends and technologies. However, the event has a low entry threshold and game developers of all degrees are welcome here.

When: 14th – 15th May

Where: Moscow, Russia

Topics: Game Design, Game Development, Game Narrative, Game Production, Publishing a Game

Price: $229.00

Website: DevGAMM

Who should attend: Game Developers of any level, Game Publishers


Nordic Game Conference

The game industry’s global leaders will attend the Nordic Game Conference to share their experience of building and publishing a game. The 2020 conference will be the 17th edition and it will be a host to over 2,000 game industry professionals.

When: 27th – 29th May

Where: Malmö, Sweden

Topics: Game Development, Game Design

Price: TBA

Website: Nordic Game Conference

Who should attend: Game Developers, Game Publishers, Game Marketers, Gaming Enthusiasts


We Are Developers World Congress 2020

From May 28 to 29, developers and aspiring developers will be able to meet in Berlin at the WeAreDeveloeprs World Congress. The expectations for this year are high with over 10,000 expected attendees, over 250 speakers, and 80 tech workshops. Advertised as the world’s flagship event for developers, this dev conference will cover topics closely related to development such as languages, frameworks, platforms, and tools. You can expect lots of PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#, but also React, Angular, Ruby on Rails and others. This event has a mission to expose developers and help them grow with a mutually beneficial arrangement – sharing dev knowledge and techniques.

When: 28th – 29th May

Where: Berlin

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Mobility, Robotics, Internet of Things, Blockchain

Price: €79 for a standard pass, €299 for a premium pass

Website: We Are Developers

Who should attend: senior and junior developers, aspiring developers



Mobile developers in and around Central Europe should get a ticket to mDevCamp 2020 as it is the largest mobile conference in the region. Furthermore, this is the 9th edition so far and it will feature first-rate speakers with in-depth talks and discussions. mDevCamp expects to see over 1000 European developers attend the conference this year.

When: 29th May 2020

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

Topics: Android, iOS, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Gaming, Design, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Web, Data, Security, Apps

Price: /

Website: mDevCamp

Who should attend: Conference for mobile app developers and designers, product managers, business owners, and marketing managers


June 2020

E3 2020

The E3Expo doesn’t need no introduction. The world’s biggest annual gaming conference will be held on June 7-9 in Los Angeles. The expo will represent all aspects of video gaming, from the biggest PC and console games to the smallest mobile games. E3 will give you the opportunity to showcase your games and other game-related products. You can expect many surprises, such as debut technologies and upcoming hit games.

When: 9th – 11th June 2020

Where: Los Angeles, USA

Topics: latest news in gaming

Price: $200.00

Website: E3expo

Who should attend: game owners who wish to represent their game, gamers, gaming marketers, gaming YouTubers and streamers


Israel Mobile Summit

The Israel Mobile Summit is one of the most important mobile events in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In 2020, the Summit will celebrate its 10th anniversary with panels, innovation showcases, and mobile app contests. Everyone is welcome. Startups will find ample opportunities for networking.

When: 10th June 2020

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

Topics: mobile apps, mobile games, adtech

Price: TBA

Website: Israel Mobile Summit

Who should attend: mobile app developers and marketers, especially those interested in the region


App Growth Summit São Paulo 2020

After the first São Paulo event sold out, it was evident it would be back for at least another year. And back it is, at an even larger venue with more speakers and much more content. São Paulo App Growth Summit in 2020 will be a full-day event with a focus on building app growth strategies to help other experts expend their growing app businesses.

When: 18th June, 2020

Where: São Paulo, Brasil

Topics: app growth discussions, techniques, and technologies

Price: On Request

Website: App Growth Summit São Paulo 2020

Who should attend: mobile app developers, mobile app marketers, mobile app owners


Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect is a senior-level invite-only forum for mobile marketers that specialize in commerce. The forum will host over 75 of the world’s leading m-commerce companies. Thus, if you are part of this industry, Mobile Connect will help you share your ideas and find new business solutions with the chance to build long-term relationships.

When: 22nd – 24th June 2020

Where: San Diego, CA, USA

Topics: networking

Price: invite-only

Website: Mobile Connect

Who should attend: senior-level e-commerce managers and mobile marketers, executives


Japan Marketing Week June

Another Japan Marketing Week awaits us in June. This will be the 12th Japan Marketing Week and also Japan’s largest sales and marketing show. If you live in Tokyo or the vicinity or if you are planning a trip to the area, be sure to visit Japan’s Marketing Week. The entry is free and it might be worth your time if you are interested in how Japan deals with product promotion and sales.

When: 24th – 26th June

Where: Tokyo, Japan

Topics: digital advertising, product advertising, marketing

Price: Free

Website: Japan Marketing Week

Who should attend: digital marketers of any level, CEOs, product managers, sales representatives


MWC Shanghai

Hailed as the door to Asia’s market, MWC Shanghai brings many business opportunities. The conference will feature presentations from world-leading tech industry executives. The thought-provoking presentations will offer deep and unique insights into the mobile industry from the point of view of the world’s leading mobile executives. Among other things, visitors will be able to tune into sessions about the advancement of AI, Automotive, IoT, and the future of mobile with 5G.

When: June 30th – July 2nd

Where: Shanghai, China

Topics: 5G, AI, Automotive, Internet of Things, 

Price: Free

Website: MWC Shanghai

Who should attend: anyone with a strong passion for the mobile industry, mobile marketers, mobile developers, mobile gamers, mobile publishers, startup CEOs


July 2020

DroidCon Berlin

The 12th edition of Berlin’s droidcon is where you can find the leading Android experts from Europe and beyond. Android developers will meet on the 1st of July to discuss mobile topics such as 5G and AI.

When: 1st – 3rd July

Where: Berlin, Germany

Topics: Google Play App Store, Android, Mobile App UX and UI, Android TV, Chrome OS, Mobile Android Games

Price: €119 – €549

Website: DroidCon

Who should attend: senior and junior Android developers


August 2020

Gamescom 2020

Held annually in Cologne, Germany, Gamescom brings together game industry leaders from developers to publishers. The conference is the world’s largest trade fair and event for games and interactive entertainment. Gamescom in Cologne is a central point for the European game industry. As such, visitors will be able to find and discover the newest games both inside and outside the event area. 

When: 25th – 29th August

Where: Cologne, Germany

Topics: Mobile Games, Console Games, PC Games, Upcoming Game Releases

Price: /

Website: Gamescom

Who should attend: Game Developers, Game Publishers, Gamer Testers, Media, Gaming Journalists, Gamers


September 2020

Japanese Marketing Week Osaka

Twice a year, for the past 11 years, Tokyo has been a host to Japan Marketing Week. Japan’s largest trade show will feature exhibitions and shows for marketing and sales managers.

When: 9th – 11th September

Where: Osaka, Japan

Topics: Marketing, Digital Promotion

Price: Free

Website: Japanese Marketing Week

Who should attend: Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, CEOs


Mobile Growth Summit Europe 2020

Mobile growth and brand marketing professionals specializing in monetization, user acquisition, retention, engagement, as well as analysts and data scientists will help you learn more about the mobile industry during the two days in which in the publisher-focused Mobile Growth Summit will be held. 

When: 16th September

Where: Berlin

Topics: Mobile Growth, Mobile Monetization, User Acquisition and Engagement, mCommerce

Price: €295

Website: Mobile Growth Summit

Who should attend: Product Managers, Project Managers, Mobile Marketers, Mobile App Owners, C-Suite Executives


Forward Marketing Summit Jakarta 2020

Much like Forward Marketing Summit Sydney 2020, the FMS Jakarta will gather over 300 digital marketing professionals in one place. But, instead of Sydney, this time the Summit will be held in Jakarta where marketing experts will discuss the marketing trends and technologies of 2020.

When: 17th – 18th September

Where: Jakarta, Indonesia

Topics: Omnichannel, eCommerce, mobile commerce, B2B marketing, brand and content marketing, data science, marketing management strategies

Price: $199 for a basic ticket, $499 for a premium pass

Website: Forward Marketing Summit Jakarta 2020

Who should attend: Professional Marketing Managers, Analysts, Data Scientists, Research & Development, Designers


October 2020

Gamescom Asia 2020

Asian game developers should look up to Gamescom Asia where they will be able to connect globally. Generally, Gamescom Asia is a hub for publishers looking for their next trendy game. However, the event will consist of two days of conferences and presentations and three days of public exhibition and trade which means that not only publishers are welcome. At Gamescom Asia, visitors will get the chance to enjoy the newest emerging video game technologies, but also cosplays. Furthermore, this will be the first regional satellite event of Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming event.

When: 15th – 18th October 2020

Where: Singapore

Topics: Android and iOS games, augmented and virtual reality, consoles, PC, Steam

Price: /

Website: Gamescom Asia 2020

Who should attend: gaming developers, gaming marketers, product and project managers, gaming publishers, gamers



Not much is known about Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles except that it will take place between October 28 and 30. 5G is a hot topic these days so expect some presenters to cover the new mobile speed. Besides that, during MWC LA visitors will get the opportunity to mingle and connect between mobile industry-related shows.

When: 28th – 30th October

Where: Los Angeles, USA

Topics: 5G, AI, IoT, Media & Entertainment

Price: TBA

Website: MWC Los Angeles

Who should attend: CEOs, mobile developers & marketers, marketing students, anyone with a strong passion for the mobile industry, mobile gamers, mobile publishers

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