ABSOLUTE GOLD: 5 Marketing Talks That Every Marketer MUST Watch

ABSOLUTE GOLD: 5 Marketing Talks That Every Marketer MUST Watch

by Mihovil Grguric

Brace yourself for the best 5 marketing talks available on the internet. No BS. No unnecessary stuff. Just true marketing legends talking about marketing. Ad copy. Audience. Targeting. Direct mail. Internet marketing. Funny stories. Real-life experiences. And much more.

The best thing about this list? All the videos from the list are free to watch. 

Thank me later. And enjoy!

No #1 — Gary Halbert — Direct Marketing Secrets Seminar

Gary Halbert’s Direct Marketing Secrets Seminar

Mr. Gary Halbert, also known as “The Prince of Print”, is a legendary direct response copywriter & one of the pioneers of the info-product industry. His expertise in copywriting, and overall marketing, and his “bigger-than-life” persona carved him into marketing history. His teachings inspired generations of marketers to strive for greatness. 

“It’s a matter of timing. Selling is like seduction. If you ask a woman to go to bed with you, whether or not she says ‘yes’ is largely a matter of when you ask her.”

― Gary Halbert

One of the best descriptions about Gary came from his student, Mr. John Carlton, who said: “He single-handedly changed the nature of modern direct response advertising… and through his teachings, spawned three generations (and still counting) of rabble-rousing entrepreneurs and marketers who continue to force the business world to bend to their will.” 

Mr Halbert left the building on the 8th of April, 2007. May he rest in peace.

No #2 — Frank Kern — Historic CORE Influence Talk

Frank Kern’s Historic Core Influence Talk

Frank Kern is an internet marketer, a business consultant and of the first guys that started selling info-products online. He states that his internet marketing career started in 1999 —  by selling credit card machines online. After stumbling for some time on the internet, he began selling pet training manuals to dog owners and parrot owners online, which was his first major success. Later on, he started teaching others how to do the same thing — totally unexpected, but still cool. 

Frank keeps things simple and believes value should be provided upfront, in order to “bribe” people into buying your products or services. Simple. Genius. I’ve tried it, it works. The best short explanation of his methodology probably comes in the form of this quote:

“Metaphorically, if you have someone who’s hungry and you give them a little bit of food, you’ve only whetted their appetite and they’re going to be hungrier. So the methodology I like to use is: pull, instead of push. Make your marketing itself valuable to the end user and when you do that, they come to you. Don’t chase them. You don’t have to use hype. You don’t have to bash them over the head or any of that. Just demonstrate you can help them by actually helping them. It’s a novel concept.” 

— Frank Kern

Frank is famous for his gimmicks and tactics used to sell “any product online”.

No #3 — A rare conversation about advertising with David Ogilvy

A rare conversation about advertising with David Ogilvy, 1977

David Ogilvy, one of the founders of Ogilvy & Mather, is often referred to as the “father of modern advertising” or even as the “pope of advertising”, he has earned his accolades by writing some of the most extraordinary ad copies for brands like Rolls Royce, American Express, Marlboro, and many others. 

Ogilvy & Mather originally started as Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson, & Mather, based in New York back in 1948. Due to turbulent partner relations and different mergers, the company changed the name and ownership structure several times before they became known as Ogilvy & Mather (1964). The only thing which never changed was the quality of work that David Ogilvy produced. 

“Tell the truth, but make the truth fascinating. You know you can’t bore people into buying your product, you can only interest them into buying it”

– David Ogilvy

He believed in “big ideas” and that the advertising’s purpose was to sell products through information and persuasion, as opposed to entertain the audience. Even though he produced his best work more than 50 years ago, his takes on advertising are timeless.

David Ogilvy passed away at the age of 88, on 21 July 1999 at his home, the Château de Touffou, in Bonnes, France.

No #4 — Steve Jobs — Presenting the ‘Think Different’ Campaign

Steve Jobs presenting the “Think Different” campaign, 1997

Steve Jobs was a legendary CEO & founder of Apple, and one of the greatest tech entrepreneurs of all time. Along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, he started the Apple Computer Company back in 1976, which went to become one of the most valuable companies ever.

Steve’s approach to branding and overall marketing was simple, clear and customer-centric. Above everything, he understood what his customers want. This quote best describes the values Steve incorporated into Apple’s marketing campaigns (and the company’s core values).

“We’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us — no company is. So we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us.”

 — Steve Jobs

The most interesting part about this talk is that Steve gave it just weeks after he came back to Apple when the company had less than 90 days of cash left in the bank. A couple of weeks after this speech, the “Think Different” campaign started & saved the company. The rest is history.

Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011, after battling pancreatic cancer for nearly a decade. He was only 56 years old.

No #5 — Dan Kennedy — Mailbox Millions (4 part series)

Dan Kennedy’s Mailbox Millions (Part 1)

Dan Kennedy is an internet marketing legend, business consultant, coach, and advisor, and of the highest-paid direct-response copywriters that ever lived. 

Work mostly revolves around telling stories. His copywriting formulas are simple enough to be used by teenagers to write compelling sales copies, yet so effective to sell millions of dollars worth of products. 

Kennedy’s teachings have inspired tens of thousands of people to get into marketing and sell their products with the direct-response approach. Again, here’s a quote which best describes his work and thinking:

Do not arrive as an interruption or disruption, attempting to divert your reader’s attention from the object it is focused on, fighting to interest him in something different from what he is already, at this moment, interested in. Instead, align yourself with the subjects already possessing his attention, the matters already garnering his interest, the self-talk conversation already occurring in his mind, and the conversations he is already having around the water-cooler at work or at the kitchen table at home with peers, friends, and family.”

Dan S. Kennedy, The Ultimate Sales Letter

There were rumors last month (August 2019), that Mr. Dan Kennedy passed away, but those turned out to be false. He’s still alive & kicking. The last update on his status went live on August 28th.

What’s next?

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