Top Ad Intelligence Platforms for Apps and Games in 2023

Top Ad Intelligence Platforms for Apps and Games in 2023

by Andrea Knezovic

Looking for a list of top ad intelligence platforms?

This article is for you!

I’ve handpicked the very best ad intelligence providers on the market and analyzed their features and pricing. These tools will help you understand your competitor’s ad campaigns, make better ad creatives, and improve your overall user acquisition strategy.

Let’s start!

1. SensorTower Ad Intelligence

SensorTower is the number one mobile intelligence provider that offers ad intelligence, among other products.

Its valuable insight into ad networks and ad creatives helps you make informed decisions about your user acquisition campaigns.

More specifically, it helps you choose the best ad networks by finding out which ad networks your competitors are using. You can see the share of voice of a particular app on different ad networks and how it’s performing.

Currently, SensorTower captures data for the following ad networks: Adcolony, AdWords/AdMob, Apple Search Ads, Applovin, Chartboost, Facebook, Facebook Feed, Instagram, Snapchat, ironSource, Pinterest, Unity, Vungle, YouTube, and TikTok.

Another outstanding feature of SensorTower’s ad intelligence is its Creative Gallery where you can browse top-performing ad creatives for any mobile app or game.

Furthermore, you can see which ads are running on which ad networks, as well as their duration, device, and impressions. Another great thing about it is that SensorTower’s Creative Gallery includes various ad formats like video ads, banners ads, and playable ads.

This is extremely useful for finding out what are the current advertising trends, what type of ads your competitors are producing, and how that affects downloads. That, in turn, can help you improve your creative strategy and stand out from the competitors.

SensorTower Pricing

The basic SensorTower features are free. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include ad intelligence. To access this product, you need to get a subscription.

However, no pricing plans are visible on SensorTower’s website. Instead, you need to request a demo and get custom pricing, which depends on the number of products, number of users, and API access.

Just to give you an idea, we contacted Sensor Tower’s sales team. According to them, the ballpark pricing for a smaller indie team ranges in the low-to-mid 5 figures. More specifically, ~$25,000 – $40,000 for a yearly subscription, depending on the number of users, products, and API access.

mobile action ad intelligence

2. MobileAction Ad Intelligence

MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence solution allows you to discover who are the top advertisers in the mobile app and game ecosystem. You can sort top advertisers by the number of creatives they’re running and impression scores. Furthermore, you can add filters like category, network, and country.

With this tool, you also get access to top-performing ad creatives. You can filter them by network, type, country, duration, and impressions. Additionally, you can find out which ad networks your competitors are using.

All of this data helps you make better decisions and improve your advertising strategy.

Many top mobile game publishers like Tencent, Playtika, and Gameloft use this platform.

MobileAction Pricing

MobileAction has several different pricing plans.

For startups, there are three plans based on app store optimization – Free, Growth, and Business. The free plan is, of course, free, and has only the very basic features.

The Growth plan costs $299/mo and the Business plan costs $599/mo – both have more features. However, it seems that you don’t get ad intelligence in any of these plans.

To get access to ad intelligence, and other MobileAction products besides ASO intelligence like market and SDK intelligence, you need an Enterprise plan. However, the pricing is custom for this plan, so you need to contact MobileAction to set it up.

appmagic ad intelligence

3. AppMagic Ad Intelligence

AppMagic’s Ad Intelligence is designed to help you scale user acquisition for your apps by discovering ad creatives that work best for your competitors. The tool allows publishers to save money, effort, and resources on ideation and testing.

The Ad Intelligence tool ranks creatives by the number of impressions (i.e. shows). According to AppMagic, if they see that a creative is rotating actively, meaning that it has a high impression count, then it’s assumed that the publisher is investing in it for a reason. The most obvious reason is that the creative seems to be doing its job well and paying off.

You can filter ad creatives by type (video, playable, and static image), store category, ads of app, and ads inside app.

AppMagic is one of the few mobile analytics platforms that allows you to generate top charts of the most successful creatives for specific market segments.

You can narrow your research down to the segment of interest by playing with the tags of genre and subgenre. This is probably the most useful slice of data on creatives since it lets you monitor the entire market segment, as opposed to just one specific advertiser.

AppMagic Pricing

AppMagic offers Premium and Enterprise plans. The former includes package deals starting from $380 per month and includes all features including ad intelligence, except for API.

The Enterprise plan includes all features including API, plus consultation, training, and custom data dumps.

Get 3 days of free access to all features as well as 10% off AppMagic by clicking on this link.

apptweak ad intelligence

4. AppTweak Ad Intelligence

AppTweak’s Ad Intelligence for mobile apps and games offers many useful features that can help you with market research and improve your advertising strategy.

Here are some of its main functionalities.

You can analyze your competitors and discover which apps have the most ads on which social media platforms. Furthermore, you can track various metrics and find out which social media platforms or ad formats are the most popular, as well as how long have your competitors been running their ad creatives.

AppTweak’s Ad Gallery allows you to see competitors’ ad creatives, which provides insight into market trends and inspiration for creative concepts.

What’s unique about AppTweak is that you can also discover which keywords your competitors are bidding on Apple Search Ads. Additionally, you can find out on which keywords Google is showing your ads and who else is running ads on a particular keyword.

AppTweak Pricing

AppTweak offers five different plans.

Starter and Pro don’t include ad intelligence so I won’t be focusing on those.

The three plans that do include ad intelligence are Guru, Power, and Enterprise.


This plan will cost you $249 per month and it includes 15 apps. Regarding ad intelligence, you get some of the features – Apple Search Ads paid keywords, Google App Campaign keywords, organic keyword protection, and Search Ads share of voice.

If you’re looking for ad intelligence features that will allow you to browse ad creatives and get detailed insight into other advertisers, this is not the plan for you, as these features are not supported.


Unlike Guru, the Power plan has all ad intelligence features, including social media campaign insights and social media ad creatives. You can track an unlimited number of ads. The price for this plan is $449 per month.


With the Enterprise plan, you get absolutely all features AppTweak offers and it’s perfect for bigger companies. For pricing, you need to request a quote.

apptica ad intelligence

5. Apptica Ad Intelligence

Apptica is another great platform that offers ad intelligence. It has three main sections – Advertisers, Creative Gallery, and Publishers.

By clicking on Advertisers, you can see a list of top advertisers and can filter them by platform, country, store category, ad network, and time. The advertisers are sorted by impressions share, which gives you an idea of the effectiveness of their advertising campaign. Furthermore, you can create custom app lists, for example, those of your competitors, and track them to see who’s the most active.

By clicking on a particular advertiser, you can see their ad creatives, as well as ad distribution by ad networks and countries, and distribution share.

Apptica’s Creative Gallery consists of over 25 million ad creatives, including banners, video ads, and playable ads. You can search for ad creatives on both app stores, and sort them by ad format. Furthermore, you can sort them by creatives with the highest share of ads and the most recent  ads.

Finally, you can also study publishers who buy the most traffic, find the best publishers in your category, and see which app is promoted the most.

Apptica Pricing

Apptica provides a discount for our readers! To get it, click on this link and tell Apptica’s managers that you came from Udonis’ blog.

social peta ad intelligence

6. SocialPeta Ad Intelligence

SocialPeta’s Ad Intelligence allows you to spy on your competitors and gain insight into their advertising strategies.

This platform offers data on top ad networks, advertisers, and publishers. It covers 62 countries, 70 channels like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, and one billion ad creatives.

By browsing through your competitor’s ad creatives, you can get new ideas and get inspired. Understanding current creative trends is invaluable for your advertising campaigns.

What’s unique about SocialPeta is its Cost Intelligence feature which gives you info on advertising ad costs.

SocialPeta Pricing

For pricing info, contact SocialPeta.

Final Thoughts on Ad Intelligence Platforms

We’ve come to the end of our list of ad intelligence platforms.

Which ad intelligence provider do you find the most useful and why? Let me know in the comments below!


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Udonis is an independent full-service mobile marketing agency that acquired more than 200,000,000 users for mobile games since 2018.

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