Top 12 Mobile Intelligence Providers [Pricing Included]

Top 12 Mobile Intelligence Providers [Pricing Included]

by Andrea Knezovic

If you want to grow your app or game, you must have a comprehensive knowledge of the app market as well as your competitors. That’s why it’s important to get access to data and statistics from mobile intelligence providers.

Not sure which mobile intelligence platform to choose?

Don’t worry.

To help you decide, we have put together a list of the top 12 mobile intelligence providers that can help you take your app or game to the next level!

Sensor Tower

1. Sensor Tower – Mobile App, Store, and Ad Intelligence

Sensor Tower is one of the best mobile intelligence providers – it offers valuable app and market insights that help developers make better decisions.

Here’s a detailed overview of this intelligence platform.

Sensor Tower Intelligence Products & Features

This platform has multiple intelligence products, including App Intelligence, Store Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, Consumer Intelligence, and Usage Intelligence.

Here are the main features of each one.

App Intelligence

Sensor Tower’s App Intelligence helps developers boost mobile growth with app store optimization tools, competitor analysis, sales metrics, and localization analysis.

Some of its features are keyword tracking & optimization, app store data, predictive rank, comprehensive app update timelines, etc. For example, this is where you can find app profiles with basic info on each app and an app’s category rankings. Furthermore, if you add your app, you can track your sales metrics and get access to analytics for your app.

sensor tower store intelligence

Store Intelligence

With SensorTower’s Store Intelligence, you get access to download and revenue data from Google Play and Apple App Store. Simply search for an app and see how much it earns or how many times it was downloaded in the desired timeframe. Additionally, you can compare apps as well as learn how certain app or game features affect downloads and revenue.

sensor tower ad intelligence

Ad Intelligence

This Sensor Tower product is perfect for optimizing your user acquisition campaigns. With Ad Intelligence, you can find out which app publishers spend the most money on their campaigns and which ad networks they use.

One of the most useful Ad Intelligence features is the Creative Gallery where you can browse top-performing ad creatives in different forms, such as banner, video, and playable ads. For each ad, you can see valuable data like the number of impressions, ad network, duration, etc. Currently, SensorTower captures data for the following ad networks: Adcolony, AdWords/AdMob, Apple Search Ads, Applovin, Chartboost, Facebook, Facebook Feed, Instagram, Snapchat, ironSource, Pinterest, Unity, Vungle, YouTube, and TikTok.

All that is very useful for identifying creative trends, as well as breaking down advertising campaigns of your competitors.

sensor tower usage intelligence

Usage Intelligence

Finally, Usage Intelligence gives developers insight into user behavior. It allows you to track user retention, demographics, average session length, the number of active users, and other important metrics.

By analyzing your competitors’ user base data, you can learn how to improve retention and engagement for your app.

Consumer Intelligence

This product delves even deeper into user engagement and retention. According to SensorTower, you can “gauge the performance of a major app relative to engagement across a broader category and identify user groups that are predisposed to use a certain app or group of apps, and understand unique retention insights”.

Sensor Tower Pricing Plan

You can get a basic version of App Intelligence for free. This includes Top Charts, Featured Apps, App Profiles, as well as info on app publishers. The only thing you need to do is create a free account.

If you want to access other products, you need to get a subscription. However, pricing is not available on the Sensor Tower website. In order to get info on pricing, you need to contact Sensor Tower.

The tools are licensed on a year-long software subscription, but the pricing depends on the number of products, number of users, and API access.

Just to give you an idea, according to Sensor Tower’s sales team we contacted, here’s the ballpark pricing for an indie team. It ranges in the low-to-mid 5 figures (~$25,000 – $40,000, depending on the number of users, products, API access) for a yearly subscription.

2. Data.ai (AppAnnie) – Mobile Market & App Data

With customers like Google, Epic Games, Tencent, and Visa, data.ai (previously known as AppAnnie) is one of the leading mobile intelligence providers.

Data.ai’s Intelligence product helps developers make better business decisions and lead them through the entire app lifecycle – from market research to successful monetization.

data.ai mobile intelligence

Data.ai Intelligence Products & Features

When doing market research, data.ai’s Intelligence is great for identifying fast-growing markets and defining who’s your competition.

It also helps you boost your UA efforts by providing data on competitors’ ad campaigns as well as on CPIs and conversion rates across countries and categories.

Furthermore, by analyzing what engagement tactics your competitors are using, you can get a better idea of how to retain users and keep them engaged. You can also get a better understanding of user demographics and behavior.

Additionally, data.ai’s Intelligence allows you to dissect your competitors’ monetization strategies as well as get a revenue estimate.

There are additional tools you can use with the data.ai Intelligence solution – Game IQ, App IQ, and In-App Purchase SKU.

data.ai intelligence

Game IQ

The data.ai’s Game IQ taxonomy makes it easy to segment the mobile gaming market. It breaks down analysis into genres and dozens of subgenres.

This tool also allows you to see which features are popular among certain genres and games. That helps you decide which features to include in your game.

data.ai app iq

App IQ

App IQ has the same concept, but it’s for mobile apps. It’s a unified and streamlined way to classify apps. It helps you size the market, identify competitors, and see which app features drive growth.

In-App Purchase SKU

The new addition to data.ai’s Intelligence platform, In-App Purchase SKU, is another solution that makes it stand out. It can help you optimize your monetization strategy.


What makes data.ai unique is that they’ve created a mobile app called Pulse, which allows you to access its Intelligence product on the go.

Data.ai Pricing Plan

Data.ai does not publicly share its pricing plans.

appmagic logo

3. AppMagic – Market and Ad Intelligence

AppMagic is another top mobile intelligence provider with lots of useful tools and features.

Here’s what you need to know.

AppMagic Products & Features

Two main AppMagic tools are market intelligence and ad intelligence. Here’s an in-depth overview of each.

Market Intelligence

With AppMagic’s in-depth genre taxonomy, you can easily find top publishers and apps in any market segment. There are various top charts you can explore – top apps, top publishers, top trending apps, top soft launches, and top updates.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, there’s an advanced search.

On AppMagic’s dashboard, you’ll also find an array of useful tools for market research.

You can get detailed metrics for any app or game, including downloads, revenue, cumulative ARPU, featuring score, top free and top-grossing ranking, for any time period.

With App Comparison, you can compare two or more apps over any of the mentioned metrics.

Furthermore, you can study app and game publishers, as well as compare them to see how they fare against one another.

Another useful tool AppMagic offers is the Similarity Graph. Pick a reference app and browse through the products that Google and Apple consider similar and where the same audience circulates. Also, a unique thing about this tool is that it allows you to find a full list of clones for famous apps like Archero, Brawl Stars, Coin Master, etc.

Finally, with Market Segment, you can learn about specific market segments, including their size, dynamics, monopolization, and the presence of new players. You can also compare various market segments by analyzing cumulative revenues of downloads of all apps that belong to those segments.

Ad Intelligence

AppMagic’s Ad Intelligence is designed to help you scale user acquisition for your apps by discovering ad creatives that work best for your competitors. The tool allows publishers to save money, effort, and resources on ideation and testing.

The Ad Intelligence tool ranks creatives by the number of their impressions (i.e., shows). According to AppMagic, if they see that a creative is rotating actively, meaning that it has a high impression count, then it’s assumed that the publisher is investing in it for a reason. The most obvious reason is that the creative seems to be doing its job well and paying off.

You can filter ad creatives by type (video, playable, and static image), store category, ads of an app, and ads inside the app.

While no other mobile analytics service offers a tool similar to this, AppMagic allows you to find the top charts of the most successful creatives for specific market segments. You can narrow your research down to the segment of interest by playing with the tags of genre and subgenre. This is probably the most useful slice of data on creatives, as it lets you monitor entire market segments, as opposed to just one specific advertiser.

AppMagic Pricing

AppMagic offers Premium and Enterprise plans. The former includes package deals starting from $380 per month and covers all features, including ad intelligence, except for API. The Enterprise plan includes all features including API, plus consultation, training, and custom data dumps.

That makes it significantly more budget-friendly compared to Sensor Tower and Data.ai, which certainly break the bank, but you get the same features and data.

Get 3 days of free access to all AppMagic’s features, as well as 10% off, by clicking this link.

mobile action logo

4. MobileAction – App Marketing Insights & Intelligence Platform

MobileAction is another giant among mobile intelligence providers. Some of its clients include Adobe, Tencent, Playtika, eBay, Adidas, and Gameloft.

This platform offers app publishers and marketers insight into vital metrics and an in-depth competitor analysis that help them make smarter business decisions and get more downloads.

MobileAction Intelligence Products & Features

MobileAction has several different intelligence products, all of which can be extremely useful to app developers and publishers.

Here’s an overview of each one.


App Intelligence

MobileAction’s App Intelligence product provides detailed information about all apps. You can see the daily & hourly changes in category rankings, reviews, ratings, featured apps, etc. You can customize category rankings based on date, free, and paid apps to get the most detailed insights to build your strategy.

Browse through all reviews and discover the most mentioned keywords to easily spot and solve issues as well as get fresh ideas from your users.

keyword spy mobile action aso tool

ASO Intelligence

With one of MobileAction’s strongest tools, ASO Intelligence, you can do keyword research, see what keywords your competitors rank for, get keyword suggestions, see real-time keyword trends, track keywords, and more. With the Keyword Intelligence tool, you can discover how specific keywords affect the organic downloads of yours, or any other app.

This is an all-in-one ASO tool that helps you improve app store ranking and boost organic downloads.


Market Intelligence

This MobileAction product gives you estimates on the downloads and revenue of any app. Furthermore, you can find out daily and historical data, the usage statistics, i.e., how many daily and monthly users an app has, and discover the top downloaded apps & publishers.

Analyze overall download and revenue estimations of any publisher and individual apps’ contributions to their daily, weekly, or monthly performances. Overall, Market Intelligence allows you to get download estimates for each category on the market, keep up with trends, and plan ahead.


Ad Intelligence

Ad Intelligence helps you improve your paid user acquisition campaigns by providing information on your competitors’ advertising strategies.
You can analyze top-performing ads as well as 6m+ creative assets, 58k+ ad publishers, and 82k+ app advertisers, which is very useful for mobile app and mobile game advertising.


SDK Intelligence

If you are wondering which SDKs your competitors are using, Mobile Action’s SDK Intelligence will give you the answers. You can also discover and analyze top SDKs.

MobileAction Pricing Plan

There are several different pricing plans you can choose from – three startup plans and an enterprise plan.

Also, you can try MobileAction for free over a period of one week.

mobile action pricing price

For Startups

Plans for startups include only ASO Intelligence. Above you can see which features are included in each one.

  • Startup: $49/mo
  • Growth: $299/mo
  • Business: $599/mo


For Enterprises

The Enterprise plan includes the full package with tons of useful products and features. However, for pricing info, you need to contact MobileAction and schedule a demo.


5. Apptica – Store Intelligence and Ad Intelligence

Another top mobile intelligence provider is Apptica. Its clients include big mobile game publishers like Voodoo, Madbox, Homa Games, Azur Games, and others.

Apptica Products & Features

This platform offers two main products – Store Intelligence and Ad Intelligence. Here’s an overview of each one.

apptica store intelligence

Store Intelligence

With Apptica’s Store Intelligence, you get access to top charts, top apps, top publishers, trending apps, new apps, hot releases, soft launches, and much more.

You can filter these lists by platform, country, category, time period, etc.

This is also where you can find app profiles. Simply search for any app or game and get all the info on it, like downloads & revenue, screenshots, description, ratings, top charts history, keywords, SDKs, and similar apps.

By changing the country on an app’s page, you can find out whether the publisher localizes its page.

All that data helps you get a comprehensive overview of the mobile landscape, keep up with the latest trends, and thoroughly analyze your competitors.

apptica ad intelligence creative gallery

Ad Intelligence

One of the main benefits of Apptica’s Ad Intelligence is the ability to get valuable insights into top advertisers on Google Play and Apple App Store. Top advertisers can be filtered by platform, country, category, ad network, period, HQ location, and tags.

Furthermore, you can get data on the most successful user acquisition campaigns and study over 25 million ad creatives from your competitors. This gives you a competitive advantage and helps you improve your user acquisition strategy.

In Apptica’s Creative Gallery, you can browse through ad creatives, including video, image, and playable ads, as well as filter them by platform, country, category, ad network, period, ratio, active days, and tags.

See what’s working for other apps and games and get inspiration for producing your top-performing creatives.

Apptica Pricing Plan

The prices for this platform start from $11,000 a year.

6. Apptopia – Performance, Audience, and Search Intelligence

Apptopia is a mobile intelligence provider perfect for publishers who want to gain an advantage over their competitors and gain valuable insights into the mobile market. This platform is also useful to sales teams, equity analysts, and venture capital firms.

apptopia features and products

Apptopia Intelligence Products & Features

Here’s an overview of the main Apptopia products and features.

Performance Intelligence

With Apptopia’s Performance Intelligence, you can benchmark your app performance as well as optimize your growth strategy.

It offers you performance analyses for more than 7 million apps around the globe and helps you make sense of the data. You can basically spy on your competitors and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Furthermore, Apptopia’s intelligence solution allows you to identify market trends across categories and delve deeper into user behavior and user retention.

X-Ray Intelligence

With Apptopia’s newest tool, X-Ray Intelligence, you can see app classification insights for any app or game. For example, you can analyze which game features are driving the most downloads or revenue.

Audience Intelligence

With Audience Intelligence, you can explore user demographics. It allows you to identify the age and gender of your competitors’ user base and gain a better understanding of your target audience.

Search Intelligence

Search Intelligence is an ASO tool that allows you to do thorough paid and organic keyword research and monitor your competitors.

Apptopia Pricing Plans

Apptopia has several different pricing plans – here’s an overview of each one.


This plan is great for you if you’re looking to spy on your competitors and get data like downloads, in-app purchase revenue, DAU, MAU, session length, retention, demographics, and app store rank.

  • Starter: $2,000/mo
  • Pro: $3,600/mo

There are also several add-ons to this plan you can choose from – X-Ray ($899/mo), Review Analysis ($899/mo), and Search Intelligence ($899/mo).

apptopia full product pricing

Sales Prospector

This is a great plan if you’re interested in lead generation and account management. It’s perfect for sales, marketing, and investment teams.

  • Starter: $2,000/mo
  • Pro: $3,600/mo

apptopia full product pricing

Full Product

This includes all products and features – everything you get with Radar and Sales Prospector + extra features.

Price: $6,500/mo

42 matters top mobile intelligence providers

7. 42Matters – Mobile App Intelligence

42Matters is a mobile intelligence platform that provides all the data you need to grow your app or game.

According to Siniša Sambolić, Digital Marketing Manager at 42matters, they’ve “developed an arsenal of app market research tools that facilitate an in-depth understanding of the mobile app and games landscape. This includes valuable data on every developer operating within the ecosystem and every app, published and unpublished, available on the most popular app stores and connected TV channel stores.”

This platform is suitable for developers, game studios, mobile advertising technology companies, mobile security companies, marketing agencies, and market researchers.

Leading companies all over the world rely on our services to define precise target audiences, increase the precision of their ad targeting strategy, refine their app store optimization (ASO) practices, monitor app store trends, identify new markets, and keep an eye on their competitors,” Siniša explains.

42matters features

42 Matters Products & Features

42Matters offers three distinct products: the Explorer, a web-based app market research tool, a suite of APIs, and app intelligence data file dumps.

Each leverages machine learning algorithms and tracks several thousand metrics for over 13 million published and unpublished apps. These metrics enable you to monitor the daily trends for more than 108,000 unique top charts. They include daily, monthly, and historic downloads, developer information, rating and review analyses and sentiment, country availability, localization and language insights, categories, IAB categories, permissions, changelogs, and more.

Its comprehensive app database allows you to search for apps and filter them by developer, category, web domain, price, in-app purchases, language, countries, SDK integrations, etc. Once you find that app data you need, you can easily export it to your email address.

You can also track such things as which SDKs apps are using, whether they leverage ads.txt or app-ads.txt, etc. 42Matters provides data pulled from Google Play, the Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore, Tencent Appstore, Apple TV tvOS App Store, Roku Channel Store, and Amazon FireTV.

42 Matters Pricing Plan

  • Free trial
  • Explorer – Starter (€349/mo), Professional (€849/mo), and Enterprise (€1,129/mo)
  • API – Tiny (€99/mo), Small (€349/mo), Medium (€849/mo), and Large (€1299/mo)
  • File dumps – starting at €1198/mo

appfigures mobile intelligence platform

8. Appfigures –App Intelligence, and ASO Tools

Appfigures is another great intelligence tool every developer should have in their arsenal. Some of Appfigures’ clients include Nike, Snapchat, Epic Games, Microsoft, Slack, and Airbnb.

appfigures intelligence products and features

Appfigures Products & Features

The main Appfigures product is App Intelligence. Gain insight into the performance of any app or game and get accurate downloads and revenue estimates. Furthermore, you can see how well each app ranks in the app stores, what’s behind its monetization strategy, and examine audience demographics.

ASO Tools provide you with all the information you need to rank high in the app store, do keyword research, improve the visibility of your app, and get more downloads. You can also monitor your apps in the store and get extensive reports on their performance.

Another plus is that its platform is very user-friendly and simple to use. For example, you can create custom alerts and save your searches.

Some of Appfigures’ customers are Trello, Epic Games, and Square Enix.

Appfigures Pricing Plan


  • Free 14-day trial (intelligence is not included)
  • Connect – $7.99 per month
  • Monitor – $35.99 per month
  • Optimize – $119.99 per month
  • Grow – $299.99 per month
  • Enterprise (for pricing, contact Appfigures)


  • Scout – $299.99 per month
  • Pathfinder – $999.99 per month
  • Pioneer -$2,999.99 per month

9. Airnow Data – Market & App Intelligence

This mobile intelligence provider gives app publishers a broad view of the app ecosystem.

Besides tracking data for your own app, it allows you to benchmark against competition, dive into market trends, and learn about ASO.

Airnow Data Products & Features

Airnow Data brings four different Intelligence solutions – here’s a quick overview of each one.

airnow data mobile intelligence providers

Market Intelligence

Airnow Data’s Market Intelligence provides publishers with data for researching, comparing, and tracking their competitors. With it, publishers can recognize patterns in the top charts and keep track of best-performing competitor apps and publishers.

App Intelligence

Next is App Intelligence which brings even more detailed insights into the competition. This tool brings alerts and watchlists that are updated on a daily basis. It helps better understand active users, retention cohorts, ARPDAU, and other user-related metrics. It leverages previous and current performance data that inform about lifetime values.

Keyword Intelligence

The third is Keyword Intelligence. Its name speaks for itself – this is the company’s ASO tool. It allows publishers to dive deep into keyword trends, rankings, and comparisons.

Usage Intelligence

Finally, Airnow’s Usage Intelligence brings granular data on metrics like DAU, MAU, and ARPDAU. This is what helps publishers get a deep understanding of their retention cohorts.

Airnow Data Pricing Plan

  • Starter – $199/month
  • Business – $499/month
  • Enterprise – on request

10. AppTweak – Market, App, Ad, and ASO Intelligence

AppTweak is a platform that can help you grow your app with an array of intelligence tools. Leading companies like PayPal, Jam City, Adobe, Amazon, and Scopely use it.

AppTweak Products and Features

AppTweak offers four distinct intelligence products: Market Intelligence, App Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, and ASO Intelligence.

Here’s a quick overview of each one.

Market Intelligence

This tool is perfect for market research. It can help you answer questions like in which country should you launch your game or who the top performers in your market are?

All you need to do is select stores, countries, and categories, and start analyzing. For example, you can identify fast-growing markets or categories that are experiencing the largest growth.

mobile apps tools

App Intelligence

With App Intelligence, you can track your app or game’s performance and analyze metrics like impressions, page views, installs, and conversion rates. Furthermore, you can compare your app with competitors’ apps.

Ad Intelligence

If you’re wondering what’s the secret behind your competitors’ advertising campaigns, AppTweak’s Ad Intelligence solution will provide you with all the answers you need.

Spy on your competitors and see which publishers run the most ads, as well as which social media platforms and ad formats they’re using.

Additionally, you get access to the Ad Gallery, where you can browse through competitors’ ad creatives and find ideas for your UA campaigns.

ASO Intelligence

With AppTweak’s ASO Intelligence, you can get your app to the top of app store search results.

You can examine installs per keyword, metadata timeline, featured apps, app review sentiment, get keyword suggestions, and much more.

apptweak pricing

AppTweak Pricing

  • Starter –  $58/mo
  • Pro –  $166/mo
  • Guru –  $249/mo
  • Power –  $499/mo
  • Enterprise – contact AppTweak.

11. SocialPeta – Ad Intelligence Platform

This is a popular ad intelligence platform trusted by market leaders like Google, Baidu, Moontoon, and Mobvista.

SocialPeta Products and Features

SocialPeta’s Ad Intelligence allows you to spy on your competitors and gain insight into their advertising strategies.

This platform offers data on top ad networks, advertisers, and publishers. It covers 62 countries, 70 channels like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, and one billion ad creatives.

By browsing through your competitor’s ad creatives, you can get new ideas and get inspired. Understanding current creative trends is invaluable for your advertising campaigns.

What’s unique about SocialPeta is its Cost Intelligence feature which tells advertising ad costs.

SocialPeta Pricing

Pricing info isn’t available on SocialPeta’s website.


12. Similarweb – Market Intelligence Solutions

Similarweb is a multi-device market intelligence platform that helps you understand the mobile market as well as your competitors and users. Equipped with that data, you can make better business decisions and boost growth.

similarweb intelligence screenshot

Similarweb Products & Features

Its competitive analysis feature enables you to see the total visits, traffic, ranking, and engagement of your competitors. It is a great tool for analyzing marketing trends and staying on top of your game.

Other great Similarweb features include keyword generator and competitor keyword research. Those allow you to see which keywords are getting the most traffic and what keywords your competitors rank for.

Similarweb Pricing Plan

The basic package is free and it includes 5 results per metric, 1 month of mobile app data, and 3 months of web traffic data.

The Enterprise Plan is personalized and based on your specific needs so you need to contact Similar Web in order to get an offer.

How to Choose a Mobile Intelligence Platform?

We’ve come to the end of our list of mobile intelligence providers. Each platform has something unique to offer, but the question is – which one is right for you?

Here’s what you need to consider.

1. Determine Your Needs

The first step to choosing a mobile intelligence platform is identifying your specific needs. Why do you need access to an intelligence platform? What type of data are you looking for? What type of insights are you looking to get out of it?

For example, if you’re a mobile game publisher, you might be interested in learning about the gaming market, analyzing your competitors, and getting access to advertising to improve your UA strategy.

What you need out of a mobile intelligence platform also depends on the size of your company.

For example, enterprises usually require huge amounts of data, advanced features, and custom plans to get the most out of an intelligence platform. On the other hand, startups and smaller companies might not need all the features intelligence providers offer, but only the basic features and data.

2. Consider Intelligence Platform Features

Once you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in a mobile intelligence platform, you should consider the features and solutions of each one.

For example, if ad intelligence is the most important to you, you’d look for platforms that have a creative gallery with different ad formats, info on top advertisers, and ad networks.

On the other hand, if you want to do market research, the intelligence provider must have extensive data like info on top apps, publishers, and trending apps, as well as the ability to analyze different market segments and identify growing markets.

3. Make Sure the Data Is Accurate and Transparent

Data accuracy and transparency is perhaps the most important thing you need to consider when choosing a mobile intelligence platform. A platform can have tons of great features, but if its data can’t be trusted, it all goes down the drain.

Because of that, always double-check that the platform of your choosing is trustworthy and has ethical data collection practices.

4. Examine How Easy It Is to Use

Mobile intelligence providers have tons of data and various tools and features and it’s easy to get lost in it. That’s why you need to be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and the data needs to be presented clearly.

A simple and intuitive dashboard can make your life easier – this is not something you should overlook when choosing a mobile intelligence platform.

5. Take Your Budget into Consideration

Naturally, your budget will be a big deciding factor in choosing a mobile intelligence platform. Many mobile intelligence providers are very expensive. However, most have different plans you can choose from, ranging from budget options that include basic features to enterprise plans that include all products and have custom pricing.

6. Combine Several Mobile Intelligence Providers

In some cases, one mobile intelligence platform is not enough and it makes sense to use several at the same time. If you’re an indie developer, you probably don’t need more than one intelligence provider, but for bigger teams, it can be very useful.

Here’s why.

If you use just one platform, it might not have every single feature or data point you need, as each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Combining several of them allows you to get the maximum amount of data and utilize as many features as possible. For example, you might choose to use both SensorTower for its consumer intelligence and AppMagic for its superb ad intelligence. 

Additionally, using more than one mobile intelligence platform allows you to compare the data and get a more accurate picture of the mobile gaming market.

Final Thoughts on Mobile Intelligence Providers

What are your favorite mobile intelligence providers? Did we miss any?

Let us know in the comments below!


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