14 Essential ASO Tools for App Store Success in 2024

14 Essential ASO Tools for App Store Success in 2024

by Andrea Knezovic

App store optimization is essential for the success of your app or mobile game. To do it right, it’s smart to use ASO tools.

ASO tools or app store optimization tools can help you improve the visibility of your app and boost downloads.

But which one is right for you?

If you need help with choosing the best app store optimization tool, check out this list I’ve put together. I review the best ASO tools on the market and provide you with features and pricing for each one.

Let’s dive right in!

What Is ASO (App Store Optimization)?

App Store Optimization (ASO) for mobile apps and games is the process of optimizing a mobile app or game to rank higher in an app store’s search results and improve its visibility to potential users.

This involves optimizing various elements like the app’s title, keywords, description, screenshots, and reviews, aiming to increase the app’s download rates and overall discoverability in the store.

What Are ASO Tools and Why They’re Useful?

ASO tools, or app store optimization tools, are specialized software solutions designed to assist developers and marketers in optimizing their mobile apps and games for app stores.

These tools provide critical insights and functionalities to enhance an app’s visibility and performance in app stores.

ASO tools are useful because they offer a variety of features that simplify and enhance the app store optimization process. Key functionalities often include keyword research, which helps in identifying the most effective keywords for your app’s title and description.

They also provide competitive analysis, enabling you to understand how your app ranks against competitors in the store. Additionally, these tools often offer performance tracking, showing how changes in ASO strategies impact app rankings and downloads.

Another important feature of an ASO tool is the ability to analyze user reviews and ratings, which are crucial factors in an app’s app store ranking and user appeal. By analyzing this feedback, developers can make informed decisions to improve their app’s features, address user concerns, and enhance overall user satisfaction.

The 11 Top App Store Optimization Tools for Mobile Apps and Games

You’re probably wondering what are the best ASO tools that will make your mobile app more successful. There are many great ones to choose from, each with unique benefits.

I’ve put together the most extensive ASO tools list including key features, pricing, and other useful info.

1. Apptweak

Apptweak is one of the best ASO tools for apps and games. Some of Apptweak’s clients are PayPal, Jam City, Yelp, Big Fish, Amazon, Expedia, Adobe, Udemy, LinkedIn, and Electronic Arts.

Here’s what you can do with an app store optimization tool.

Apptweak’s keyword research and suggestion feature allows developers to find relevant keywords for their apps. As you probably know, a smart keyword strategy is essential for ASO and helps your app get to the top of the search results.

You can also spy on your competitors and see which keywords they’re using.

Apptweak uses Apple’s Search Popularity, which is another one of the great ASO keyword optimization tools – it shows you the search volume for each keyword. Furthermore, you can see the difficulty score for keywords which helps you choose those that have the best chance to rank.

apptweak aso tool

Apptweak Key Features

  • ASO keyword optimization tools
  • ASO monitoring tools
  • Keyword ranking history
  • Keyword volume and search popularity
  • Keyword impact analysis
  • ASO timeline
  • Featured app list
  • Keyword translations
  • Organic installs per keyword
  • Visibility score
  • ASO update history
  • Competitor keyword spy
  • Category rankings
  • Keyword rankings and install growth
  • App download and revenue estimates

apptweak pricing

Apptweak Pricing Plan

  • Starter $69/mo
  • Guru $299/mo
  • Power $599/mo

2. AppFollow

AppFollow is an ASO analysis tool that offers developers everything they need for organic user acquisition. Their clients include popular companies like HBO, Zynga, JamCity, Disney, Comcast, Sony, Yahoo, Vevo, Autodesk, Hubspot, Flo, and many others.

AppFollow claims it can increase weekly impressions by 5 times, increase the number of organic installs by as much as 490%, and increase conversion rate by 11% on average.

Here’s what you can do with this ASO tool.

appfollow keyword research

With AppFollow, you can track the most important KPIs like downloads, conversion rates, and changes in keyword positions. Additionally, you can receive average conversion rate reports by app category and country on a monthly basis.

With Top Chart Rankings, you can see which apps and games are trending on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Furthermore, you can analyze your competitors’ app store optimization strategies.

When it comes to keywords, with AppFollow, you can identify keywords that are relevant to your app. You can also automatically translate them, which is very useful for localization. Additionally, you can track the most popular keywords and get their difficulty score.

I’ve found it to be one of the best ASO tools for the Google Play Store in particular, but it also works for Apple’s App Store.

appfollow aso tools

AppFollow Key Features

  • ASO monitoring tools
  • Conversion rate benchmarks
  • Top chart rankings
  • Competitors overview and analysis
  • Keyword popularity and difficulty data
  • Keyword research automation
  • Featured app alerts
  • ASO alerts in Slack and email
  • Store performance index

appfollow pricing plans cost

AppFollow Pricing Plan

For startups

  • Free (2 apps, 20 keywords, 20 replies per month, 5 team members)
  • Essential – $23/mo
  • Startup – $47/mo

For companies

  • Growth – $55/mo
  • Advanced – $111/mo
  • Enterprise – custom

3. ASOTools

ASOTools is an app store optimization tool that helps you analyze your competitors and do extensive keyword research.

With the keyword research tool, you can search for a keyword and see whether your competitors are using it, its popularity score, volume, and keyword difficulty. You can filter the keywords by country and platform.

Furthermore, you can get keyword suggestions based on the keyword you search for. Here you also see the aforementioned data for each keyword, as well as which apps are using it.

All that data helps you choose the most effective keywords for your app and game and get ahead of the competition.

ASOTools also offers data analysis – you can get accurate download and revenue estimates for mobile games and apps. Furthermore, you can track top apps and games and filter them by category, country, ratings, downloads, revenue, MAU, and the number of Facebook ads.

ASOTools Key Features

  • Keywords Search
  • App Search
  • Detail Popup
  • Download & Revenue Rank
  • Preapp ADs Rank
  • App Tracking
  • Down Estimate
  • Revenue Estimate
  • ASO Suggestions
  • App Information
  • App MAU Estimate
  • App Google Search Volume
  • App Comments Trend


ASOTools Pricing Plan

  • Free $0/mo
  • Basic $9/mo
  • Pro $99/mo
  • Business $299/mo

Get ASOTools by clicking on this link. Use code UDONIS10 to get 10% off for 3 months!

4. App Radar

Another giant among ASO tools is App Radar. Some of their trusted clients are iTranslate, Arise, Kolibri, Wargaming.net, Meister, and Mixvibes.

As you know, successful app store optimization includes using relevant keywords that attract high-quality users. With App Radar, you can easily find the right keywords for your app or mobile game. You can also see which keywords your app is ranking for as well as compare it to your competitors.

For example, App Radar will show you whether you outrank competitors. Furthermore, you can reverse engineer their keyword strategy, and see if they’re featured on Google Play or App Store.

That makes it one of the indispensable tools for app store optimization.

app radar keyword tracking

App Radar Key Features

  • Keyword analysis
  • Keyword optimization
  • Large keyword database
  • ASO monitoring tools
  • Real-time app store ranking
  • App store ranking tracking
  • Ratings & reviews management
  • Competitor research
  • App analytics
  • App localization management

app radar pricing plan

App Radar Pricing Plan

  • Free
  • Starter – $39/mo
  • Advanced – $69/mo
  • Expert – $129/mo

5. Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a mobile marketing intelligence platform that provides ASO intelligence, among other things.

Its Store Intelligence offers is an app store optimization software that offers millions of data points that can help you make better decisions when it comes to app store optimization. With App Intelligence, you can optimize your keyword strategy and analyze your competitors.

Here’s the most important store data you can get from Sensor Tower.

You can identify the most popular apps and top publishers by downloads, revenue, category, or country on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Sensor Tower also has ASO marketing tools. With App Intelligence you can research keywords to get traffic and difficulty scores, as well as info on how many apps are competing for a certain keyword. With Keyword Spy, you can find out which keywords your competitors are using.

Furthermore, you can get keyword suggestions and use Sensor Tower’s Predictive Rank feature to get estimates on how likely it is that your app will rank for a particular keyword.

Additionally, you can easily translate keywords and measure the success of your localization strategy.

sensortower app store optimization

Sensor Tower Key Features

  • Store data
  • Top charts
  • App keyword optimization tools
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword suggestion
  • Keyword translation
  • Competitor analysis
  • ASO monitoring tools
  • Search traffic score estimates
  • Predictive rank
  • Localization analysis
  • App profiles
  • Review history
  • Featured app history
  • Daily reports

Sensor Tower Pricing Plan

No pricing info available publicly.

6. Split Metrics

Split Metrics is a great ASO tool for boosting organic traffic and lowering user acquisition costs. It is used by companies like Lab Cave, Zimad, Lovoo, Verv, Wallapop, Yandex, Mytona, and Fruit Ninja.

What’s great about Split Metrics is that it allows you to understand exactly how users interact with your app store page. For example, you can track how long they watch your promo video or whether they scroll through screenshots (heatmaps). This will give you more insight into user behavior and the elements of your app store page that trigger the most conversions.

splitmetrics aso heatmap

Furthermore, you can test every element of your app store page including app name, icon, description, keywords, screenshots, promo video, etc. More than 30 different experiments are available.

You can also get valuable tips from SplitMetrics’ team on how to optimize your page to get the most conversions – this feature is what makes it one of the top ASO tools available.

splitmetrics aso tools

Split Metrics Key Features

  • A/B tests
  • User behavior analysis
  • Testing against competitors
  • Prelaunch app testing
  • Test different locations
  • App store optimization tips

Split Metrics Pricing Plan

Not available.

7. Storemaven

If you want to increase app store conversion rates, Storemaven stands out as one of the top ASO tools. It is trusted by companies like Yahoo, Electronic Arts, Zynga, Warner Brothers, Kabam, Postmates, HBO, TikTok, and Uber.

What’s great about Storemaven is that it has a very scientific approach to organic user acquisition. Their App Store Testing Platform guides you through creating A/B tests. From creating a strategic hypothesis, designing different variants, increasing test accuracy, and analyzing the results.

Furthermore, with Storemaven’s ASO Tool Box, you can do extensive research on your competitors.

For example, you can identify app store optimization strategies your competitors use. That’s for every app, in every country, and every language. You can also download app store assets from your competitors like videos, screenshots, and descriptions. The ASO Tool Box is available as a Chrome extension as well.

With their approach, Storemaven claims to increase the conversion rate by 24%, reduce user acquisition costs by 57%, and re-engage 34% of users.

Storemaven Key Features

  • Data-driven approach
  • A/B testing
  • Test results analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Personalized ASO strategy plan

Storemaven Pricing Plan

Not available – you need to request a demo.

8. TheTool

TheTool is a performance-based ASO tool with clients like Pixonic, Ten Square Games, and Privalia.

With TheTool, you can track everything related to ASO, including organic and non-organic installs, keyword rankings, app store top charts, ratings & reviews, etc.

With ASO Score, you can grade how well your app is optimized.

Keyword research is simple and quick with TheTool and it will help you improve the visibility of your app. For example, you can get keyword suggestions, as well as track the difficulty and traffic of each keyword. You can also do research on competitors and get insight into their ASO strategy.

the tool aso score

TheTool Key Features

  • Top charts
  • Keyword rankings
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword suggestion
  • ASO score grader
  • Organic and non-organic installs tracking
  • Insight on competitors
  • Worldwide tracking
  • Downloads data
  • CSV export

thetool pricing plan

TheTool Pricing Plan

  • Startup – €29/mo
  • Growth – €69/mo
  • Ninja – €199/mo

9. ASOdesk

ASOdesk is an excellent ASO tool with a ton of useful features. It is used by companies like Split Metrics, Abbyy, Yandex, Zephyr, Mamba, Playkot, Appyfurious, Verv, and Kaspersky.

Here’s what ASOdesk can help you with.

You can find out which queries users use when searching for your app in the app stores. Also, you’ll be able to see which keywords your competitors rank for. Additionally, ASOdesk will identify queries with low competition, i.e., those that are easier to rank for.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to see which keywords are popular – this is based on ASOdesk’s Traffic Score algorithm and Apple Search Ads Popularity Index.

Last but not least, ASOdesk will help you measure the results of your app store optimization strategy. This is based on data from App Store Connect and includes metrics like Impressions, Product Page Views, Downloads, and Conversion Rate by device and by country.

asodeks app store optimization tool

ASOdesk Key Features

  • Keyword analytics
  • Keyword explorer
  • Keyword autosuggestions
  • ASO comparative report
  • Organic report
  • Competitors and keyword chats
  • Reviews and monitoring
  • Trending searches alert

asodesk pricing

ASOdesk Pricing Plan

For Startups

  • Startup S – $24.7/mo
  • Startup M – $49.9/mo
  • Startup L – $84.2/mo
  • Startup XL – $118.3/mo

For Companies

  • Business S – $126.7/mo
  • Business M – $169.1/mo
  • Business L – $249.9/mo
  • Business XL – $416.6/mo


10. ASOMobile

ASOMobile ​is a comprehensive ASO analytics tool for developers, marketers, and ASO specialists. The platform was recognized as the leader in summer 2023 on G2. Some of  ASOMobile’s clients are AveCreation, KB Production, Bookingauto, PSV Studio, PuerDev, Dankolab,  KeepSolis, Ray, etc. 

ASOMobile helps easily improve an app’s visibility and find unique keywords. You can track your app ranking, and monitor competitors to build better strategies. Using this platform, you can also explore the mobile app market to find the most profitable niche if you haven’t found it yet.  Reviews are also one of the most important tools for staying on track and keeping users satisfied, so with ASOMobile, you will be able to respond to reviews quickly and analyze app ratings.

Furthermore, this platform offers a bunch of free ASO tools and a 3-day free trial.

ASOMobile Key Features

ASO tools:

  • Selection and analysis of search queries – Keyword Finder ;
  • Creation of metadata for applications – ASO Creator;
  • A complete list of keywords which any application is indexed by – App Keywords;
  • Assessment of the ASO optimization level for an app – ASO Dashboard;
  • Keywords by which competitors are advertised in Apple Search Ads – Search Ads Spy;
  • Forecast of traffic by keywords.

Competitor analysis:

  • Find competitor keywords and compare their positions in the search with your application – Spy Keywords & Spy Explorer;
  • Track the positions of competitors for important keywords – Spy Competitors;
  • Revenue and downloads of any application;

 Market and competitor analysis:

  • Analysis of category indicators – Category Intelligence;
  • Similar apps;
  • Store Benchmarks;
  • Getting into trend keywords – Trending Searches.

Replies to Reviews and Ratings Analysis

  • Reply to app reviews. Convenient filters, templates, tags, upload reviews to files;
  • Dashboard for quick analysis of user mood;
  • Dynamics of ratings and Reviews by day in all countries. Removed reviews, support responses, and review ratings.
  • List of featured reviews in all countries.

asomobile pricing

ASOMobile Pricing Plan

  • Free 
  • ASO Monitor – from $16/mo
  • ASO Indie – from $41/mo
  • ASO Pro – from $84/mo
  • ASO Max – from $169/mo
  • Maximum – from $254/mo
  • Customer Support – from $41/mo

Free Plan includes 20 keywords / 2 apps / 1 teammate / 10 competitors / 100 responses to reviews and the following features:

  • Keyword Monitoring (Keyword Monitor)
  • Keyword Traffic Volume
  • Checking Google Play & App Store Suggestions (Keyword Suggest)
  • Popular Search Queries (Top Keywords)
  • Searching keywords in competitor’s description (Text Analyzer)
  • Convert words from the semantic core (Keyword Builder)
  • Category Ranking 
  • Featuring
  • Reply to Reviews
  • Top Charts
  • Featured Reviews

11. Mobile Action

Mobile Action’s ASO tool comes with similar features like the #4 on our list, Sensor Tower. The tool promises to provide all the essentials to enhance app visibility and conversion rates.

Here’s what it offers for apps to achieve that.

It consists of a diverse set of ASO tools that allows you to dive deep into keyword research.  It comes with a big keyword dataset that helps you track down potential keywords. These keywords are gathered from more than one source: from your competitor’s keywords, your app description, and keywords that are most likely to bring downloads.

After tracking down keywords, it is time for optimization and testing.

keyword spy mobile action aso tool

Mobile Action is going big on competitor insights. Its Keyword Suggestion feature allows you to see the competitor keywords you are not ranking for. The next step in competition research is its Keyword Spy. With this tool, you can even see which keywords work best for your competition. This allows you to copy them. I mean, get some inspiration.

Mobile Action Key Features

  • Keyword tracking and optimization
  • Keyword suggestion
  • Trending keywords
  • Keyword spying
  • Keyword research and keyword explorer
  • ASO report
  • Visibility report
  • Keyword intelligence
  • Search ads intelligence
  • Localization
  • App update timeline

Mobile Action Pricing Plan

  • Free trial
  • Startup – $49/month
  • Growth – $299/month
  • Business – $599/month

12. Gummicube

Gummicube is another excellent ASO tool. It helps you improve app store visibility by ranking for the right keywords. Gummicube is used by companies like Home Advisor, Stubhub, Nexon, NBC Universal, Lime, Zynga, CNBC, Scopely, and CyberLink.

With Gummicube’s data and algorithms, you can improve every element of app store optimization – app title, app keywords, app description, app logo, app screenshots, ratings & reviews.

You can find the best keywords, optimize all creative assets to boost conversions, as well as do A/B testing. Additionally, you can get feedback from real users through focus groups and surveys.

gummicube app store optimization

Gummicube Key Features

  • Keyword optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Creative assets optimization
  • A/B multivariate testing
  • Focus groups and surveys

Gummicube Pricing Plan

Not available – you need to schedule a demo.

13. SearchMan

Here’s what makes SeachMan one of the best ASO tools around.

With SearchMan, you can track searches for Android and iOS on a daily basis and analyze the visibility of your app and competitor’s apps. Furthermore, you can get keyword suggestions to improve your app store optimization strategy.

Additionally, you can use Keyword Spy to see which keywords your competitors are using as well as track trending keywords.

searchman keyword features

SearchMan Key Features

  • Unified dashboards
  • Top charts/category rankings
  • Search tracking and trending searches
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Keyword spy
  • Related and trending keywords
  • Custom reports and notifications

searchman app store optimization tool

SearchMan Pricing Plan

  • Research – free
  • ASO Dashboard – $25/App/Month
  • Spreadsheet – $99/Month
  • API – $250/month
  • Enterprise – Starting at $1,500

14. Kumulos

Kumulos is an all-in-one mobile app management platform. It contains analytics, content management, ASO tools, push notifications, and more all in one place. It also provides a mobile backend as a service module. 

Kumulos’ ASO tool allows the user to measure user sentiment by giving an overview of the reviews and ratings. The reviews and ratings are country-specific,  which makes the insights even more detailed.

Additionally, it gives its users the ability to benchmark competition apps to see how to better optimize their presence on the app stores. Publishers can check their standings in both the App Store and Google Play store, all in one place. 

Kumulos ASO
Source: Kumulos

Kumulos Key Features

  • Search term tracking and ranking
  • Side-by-side performance comparison for the App Store and Google Play
  • Competition listing and screenshot comparisons
  • Country-specific rankings
  • Review tracking
  • Weekly or monthly ASO Reports

Kumulos Pricing Plan

Pay as you go, meaning their plans are no-contract and are personalized based on what features are used. 

Final Thoughts on Best ASO Tools

Hopefully, this list will help you choose an app store optimization tool that fits your needs and your budget.

But now we want to hear from you, which ASO tool do you find the most useful? Did you find my ASO tools review helpful? Let me know in the comments below.

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Mobile Marketing Glossary: Terms You Need to Know

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