16 Mobile Game Forums You Have to Know About

16 Mobile Game Forums You Have to Know About

by Mihovil Grguric

Are you looking for a place to build your mobile game community or discuss various mobile games topics like monetization, user acquisition, or app store optimization? Look no further because I found the best mobile game forums for you.

Whether you want to discuss mobile games, ask other developers for help, or just chat with mobile gamers – on this list I’ve prepared for you, you will surely find a forum to your liking.

Mobile Game Forums for Developers

If you’re looking for forums where you can hang out with mobile game developers, share opinions, ask questions, or receive feedback, then you should check out the following selection.


1. TouchArcade

TouchArcade prides itself as the largest site dedicated to iPhone gaming. Their forum has sub-forums for both iOS and other games, along with a developer sub-forum. In their developer part, the forum has a Public Game Developers topic, along with Developer Services and Trade. 

The Developer Services and Trade topic is excellent for all those questions you might have about acquiring resources for your mobile game. You can ask for game music suggestions, logo design, or even look for artists. 

In the Game Developer topic, you can create a thread where you can introduce your game. This way, you can show what you’re working on. Other developers like to chime in and comment on your progress, even give you some helpful input.  

The forum’s UI is very simple, and the sub-forums are color-coded and easy to navigate. There aren’t many ads on the forum, which is also a plus. 

Of course, if you want to discuss iOS games or some other topics, you can do that too on the TouchArcade mobile game forum. Moreover, the TouchArcade forum extends to a Discord server, where you can chat with other developers in real-time.

android central

2. Android Central 

Android Central forum might overwhelm you with the massive selection of sub-forums and topics. However, it is not too hard to navigate the forum. 

This forum’s large selection makes it unique because, besides the typical developer forum topics, it also offers sub-forums based on phone models. For example, discussions about Samsung phone models, Pixel, Huawei, and more.

So, if you’re an Android developer, this forum might contain all the information you need. The topics are sorted by phone models, Android OS versions, Android Apps or Games, rumors about upcoming devices, and so much more. 

This forum has more ads than the previous one. However, it’s stated that if you register, you get an ad-free experience. The UI is not the most organized or eye-catching, but it certainly doesn’t make it hard to navigate the page and find what you’re looking for. 

Their developer sub-forum is called the Android Developer, even though many topics related to Android development are scattered around on the forum. In this sub-forum, you can find these topics:

  • Developers Lounge
  • Spotlight
  • Beta Testing
  • Software Development 

Developers Lounge and Spotlight topics are especially helpful. 


Well, the Lounge topic allows you to ask other developers any question you want, and the Spotlight enables you to showcase the game you’re working on and get some feedback on it.


3. AppFutura

AppFutura is one of those well-organized forums primarily meant for mobile developers. Their forum boards offer a wide range of topics.

AppFutura forum contains sub-forums for iOS and Android developers, cross-platform developers, blockchain developers, and more. Moreover, this forum offers a possibility of finding people to hire or finding a job.

AppFutura’s topics are very easy to navigate through, and there are absolutely no ads on their forums.

The forum also has a section on the right side to showcase top mobile companies. The threads on the forum have a picture next to them, so they’re easier to browse through and recognize if you’re coming back. 

A great feature of this forum is definitely the Top App Development Companies topic. In this topic, some threads organize the best mobile applications and games in categories and choose the best companies from each of them.

If you register there, maybe you will find a company for you or, if you already have a company, it will end up in their hall of fame.


4. Gamedev.net

Gamedev.net is a forum meant for all types of game developers that use all kinds of programming languages. This kind of forum is great if you’re a cross-platform developer. 


You can find programmers from all platforms, whether PC, console, Android, or iOS. These programmers can give you helpful advice on handling multiple platforms.

For example, common threads in this forum are translating games from one programing language to another, sharing the experience with gaining audience from different platforms, fixing bugs, and other similar topics. 

The highlight of this forum is the beginner section. Sometimes, beginners stumble upon people who don’t have patience for their learning curve. 

Therefore, a section devoted to beginners is a great way to encourage users to ask any question they want, no matter how simple or basic it is.

However, if you want to talk about gaming laws, business, and careers, there is a sub-forum on Gamedev.net for that too. Additionally, just like all of these forums, Gamedev.net has an active community of people who can become a part of your gaming community.

the game creators mobile game forums

5. The Game Creators

The Game Creators is a mobile game forum that revolves mainly around the AppGameKit engine, but there are many topics that could interest any mobile game developer. Whether you’re developing a 2D or a 3D game, this forum has you covered.

Also, the Music & Sounds FX topic is very useful if you have any doubts about what music to include in your mobile game.

Another helpful feature on this forum is the Work in Progress topic, which includes developers who are currently working on a game. Usually, people in this topic make threads to showcase their work and ask for feedback. 

The Game Creators forum has a very straightforward layout and looks. It is fairly easy to navigate through the threads and find something quickly.

stackexchange mobile game forums

6. StackExchange GameDev Forum

The StackExchange website is known to most developers as one of the best places to get an answer to a programming dilemma. But did you know that they have a game development forum

Their forum has a slightly different layout than the previous ones on the list. Their way of searching through the sub-forums differs from others in that the users can search using tags. 

Additionally, other users can find your post simply by searching for a tag with a specific programming language, software, or platform. 

This forum is ideal if you’re looking to discuss development issues and get a quick answer to your questions. For example, users often discuss Java issues in Android game development, 3D art and textures, group scriptwriting, and sharing data between server and client.

Next to every thread, there is a vote, answer, and a view count. An interesting feature of this forum is the ability to post on threads as a guest without registering. 

indie gamer mobile game forums

7. Indiegamer.com Game Development Forum

Indiegamer.com has the best game development forum for every indie developer out there. If you’re an independent developer, this mobile game forum might be a good place to check out.

One of the most valuable features of this forum, aside from receiving feedback from other indie developers, is the Indie Classifieds sub-forum.

In this sub-forum, users can find art, music, and sound portfolio offers for paid and unpaid help and more. 

Besides developers, the forum also welcomes indie artists, writers, and composers. The forum is easy to navigate, there are no ads, and the UI design is user-friendly.

apple dev forum

8. Apple Official Developer Forum

If you’re looking for game development advice for iOS, the Apple Official Developer forum might be the right place for you. 

Their developer forums don’t have the standard forum layout. Apple opted to showcase questions asked by users and not a traditional sub-forum/thread style. For example, a user asked about making a magnet in his game. He got an answer, which was a chunk of code he could use to design it.

apple magnet

In order to answer a question on Apple’s Developer Forum, a user needs to have an Apple ID. Furthermore, when it comes to their search option, users can search by keywords or tags, which is helpful when you want to search for a vague term.

gamedev subreddit mobile game forums

9. r/gamedev

When talking about mobile game forums, we cannot forget about Reddit and its subreddits. One of the largest subreddits related to game development is r/gamedev

On this subreddit, you can find all things related to game development, programming, math, art, music, business, and marketing. Also, a great feature is that they have a Discord server.

Reddit is a great place to discuss these topics because of its layout and casual discussions. The subreddits are organized in threads, which show the title and a small part of the thread content.

This text preview is something that makes Reddit stand out in the sea of other forums. By seeing the first couple of sentences in the text, it is easier to decide whether that thread is the one you’re looking for or not.

Also, subreddits provide the filter by flair option, where a user can click on one of the offered topics and see all threads related to them. Besides the r/gamedev subreddit, you can also check out r/indiedev and r/mobilegamedev

discord gamedev network

10. Discord

If you’re looking for a way to discuss game dev topics in real-time, then Discord is the right place for you. On Discord, you can find many servers where you can discuss mobile game development, monetization, advertising, and more.

Here are some of the best ones: 

Discord is great for game developers since the platform offers them to collaborate on projects, connect with fans, and discuss problems with each other. Moreover, Discord is quite simple to work with and navigate through. 

Each Discord server requires you to have a Discord account, which allows you to join any server, as long as you receive an invite link for it.

Business, Marketing, and Monetization Mobile Game Forums

If you’re interested in the business and marketing part of your mobile game development journey, then you should check out these forums I’ve selected for you. 


1. Unity Forum

Unity, a programming platform, has a sub-forum dedicated to mobile game monetization and growth topics. This sub-forum is divided into four topics:

  • Unity Ads & User Acquisition
  • Distribution Portal (UDP)
  • Unity IAP
  • Unity Mediation

In the Unity Ads & User Acquisition topic, you can find people asking for advice on their ad campaigns, design, various issues with payment, banners, and more. Moreover, the Unity Distribution Portal allows users to discuss Unity’s hub solution for international mobile game publishing

UDP connects many popular local and global app stores, such as Samsung Galaxy Store, HUAWEI App Gallery, and more, into one centralized platform. This allows users to distribute their games to multiple app stores through a single storefront.

Moreover, the IAP topic covers Unity’s in-app purchase system. Lastly, the mediation part covers the Unity software that is still in the beta testing phase. 

Unity forum looks very simple, and the UI is adjusted to fit the developer’s needs for simplicity and ease of use. 


2. Buildbox

Buildbox is one of those mobile game forums that have a lot of variety in their topics, ranging from game design all the way to monetization, in-app purchases, advertising, and marketing. Their monetization sub-forum consists of four topics:

  • Game Marketing
  • Advertising
  • In-App Purchasing
  • Promotional

In all four of these topics, you can find all kinds of questions, tips and tricks on monetization, in-app purchasing issues, people looking for advertising advice, and much more. For example, Buildbox users have been discussing a “Buy Me a Coffee” campaign, where one of the users started releasing programming content and nodes on the forum.

However, the user’s content was locked at a symbolic price of 2€. Buying a coffee, as he explained, sounds casual, and it doesn’t force anyone to donate. This pricing model is often found at forums and websites managed by one person or a small team.

Moreover, the Promotional topic offers you to promote your game or even find people offering their art and music skills, logo creation, etc.

imore mobile game forums

3. iMore Forums

If you’re working on a game for iOS, iMore forums might interest you. iMore forums have content for everything related to Apple. This forum has an interesting sub-forum where people discuss business, enterprise, and security issues on iOS. 

In this sub-forum, you can resolve all those issues with Apple’s security, which is not a commonly seen topic on forums. Additionally, if you want to discuss any of the new Apple products, check the news or prepare your game for the latest iOS versions, you should explore the iMore Forums.

The iMore Forums have a couple of ads on their sites, but they don’t affect the user experience. The only downside of these ads is that sometimes they don’t fully load, so the website ends up having a lot of blank space. However, if you want an ad-free experience, iMore prompts you to register on their forum for free. 

Mobile Game Forums for Gamers

Now, after you’ve covered all your development and monetization dilemmas, it is time to find your audience and hear what they have to say. Mobile game forums are a great spot to showcase your game and search for people who could be interested in it. 

Check out our selection, and, of course, do not promote your game on those forums that don’t allow it. 

hard mobile game forums

1. [H]ard Mobile Game Forum

[H]ard forum is a mobile game forum that you shouldn’t miss out on if you want a casual conversation with mobile game lovers. 

In the mobile games sub-forum, players get to discuss their favorite games, problems they’ve encountered, or ask for a game recommendation. As a developer, you have a chance to partake in those discussions, help people out with their problems, and recommend games.

[H]ard Forum’s rules strictly forbid advertising, whether in a post or your signature. So be careful with that. However, it still doesn’t prevent you from exploring popular games and hearing what gamers want to see and what they’re struggling with.

vgr mobile game forums

2. VGR Mobile Game Forums

VGR Mobile Forum is a place where mobile gamers can come and talk about playing games on Android or iOS. Additionally, it welcomes any kind of posts about miscellaneous devices too. 

Threads on this sub-forum are mostly about popular mobile games like Candy Crush, Doodle Jump 2, Clash of Clans, and Genshin Impact. However, threads about gamers being unsatisfied with game elements are not uncommon. They are usually about the paid elements in a game. Now, this would be your chance to learn what things people don’t like and try to make them different in your game.

Also, topics such as Worst Mobile Game? can be useful to see what are some things that mobile gamers don’t like to see. 

iphone games mobile game forums

3. iPhone Mobile Game Forums

iPhone forums have a sub-forum called iPhone games, where users discuss various games for iOS. Moreover, as a part of this sub-forum, there are three more topics:

  • Friend Requests
  • Pokémon Go
  • Game Center

The most interesting topic is the Friend Requests. Players can leave the usernames they use on various iOS games and add friends there. The rest of the forum contains usual mobile game discussions. Utilize these discussions to the maximum in order to reap valuable information. 

For example, one of the threads on this forum is called “Looking for a woodblock game with no ads”. This is a great thread to check out as a developer because it is very straightforward and tells you exactly what the user wants. So, even if you had no idea what game to make next, now you do!

To Sum up Mobile Game Forums

Now, you’ve been informed about all kinds of different mobile game forums. Even though you might not think of forums at all while working on a mobile game, that might change after seeing all the useful information you can find there.

Which forum do you find the most interesting? Are there more forums we forgot to mention?

Comment below and let us know!


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