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How to use social media for growing your mobile app or game?

Can you imagine a single day passing without checking social media networks for news, using them for communication, finding inspiration or just for fun? Social media networks have inevitably changed our lives and how we communicate. For context, as of January 2019, total worldwide population is 7.7 billion, and there are 3,397 billion active social

Slavica Grgić

April 29, 2019

Can you imagine a single day passing without checking social media networks for news, using them for communication, finding inspiration or just for fun?

Social media networks have inevitably changed our lives and how we communicate. For context, as of January 2019, total worldwide population is 7.7 billion, and there are 3,397 billion active social media users. That means almost every second human is on social media! In one day, people thumb through 300 feet of content every day on their feeds.

Every day, we thumb through 300 feet of content every day. Source: Facebook

Out of the time spent on mobile phones, the majority of the time is spent in apps. So if you’re looking to grow your own app by advertising it to other app users, it makes sense to do it on the platforms they already spend the most time.

Using social media to grow your app is a long term strategy and the results are not instant, but the more time and effort you invest in it, the results will come sooner.

Organize the social media content around the topics that interest the customers, engage them with creative posts or rewards. Social media networks give users the opportunity to get to know the app, communicate and connect with other users. With active social media channels, you’ll drive more traffic to the app page.

How to do it?

Target the right users

The most important question you must ask yourself before starting to advertise your app is: “Who is my target audience?” Knowing your target audience will help you choose the right channels, the right tone of voice, right creatives, it will define your overall marketing strategy.

Social media channels will increase app visibility

Social media is easy to use, free and globally available. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and rely ONLY on social media. Think of social media as a showcase of your work in front of a huge audience. With more than 3 billion social media users worldwide, everything you put on social media has the potential to be seen by a huge audience.

Create a strong visual identity

Your social media should be a perfect representation of your brand and your app. Follow the narrative, branding and the TOV you’re using on other channels. What will set you apart from other apps in the market? Keep the design consistent with the feel of your interface. Stick to a certain design in a post on all of your social media channels.

Twitter has kept their striking blue color and branding on other social media platforms such as Instagram.

Think about:

  • Define the fonts that you’ll use (brand fonts)
  • Brand colors (that should pervade through all the photos)
  • Feature your logo
  • Be consistent with photo editing (always use the same filter, settings…)

Feature user-generated content

Revolut, a digital banking alternative, acquired majority of 4 million users using social media networks. Majority of Revolut’s Instagram feed is comprised of user photos. Using user-generated content has multiple advantages. Reposted content is a form of review and a customer testimonial and it is also content you don’t need to produce.

Instagram, one of the biggest social media networks, not only that often features user-generated content, but it also sets a bar for other apps with contests for users.

If you’re sharing the content of your users, you’re showing you care about them. After obtaining more followers on social media, a user will “fight” for a repost because it guarantees them extra exposure.

Use branded hashtags

It will be much easier to find content related to your brand if you created a branded hashtag. The hashtag should be simple and memorable, it could be your app name or the name of your account. Use it consistently so the users can connect the hashtag with your brand and start using it in their posts.

Implementation of unique hashtag will make tracking of user-generated content much easier. The hashtag should be created so it is only used for your brand. That way you’ll easily know how often it is used and you’ll be able to choose user generated content from all the posts with the brand hashtag. If you’re thinking about creating a contest, make a unique hashtag for easier tracking of entries.

Customer service and online reviews

Social media is mainly used for communication, so don’t think about social media just as a place to promote your app. Use it to communicate with your users and listen to their problems. That way you won’t have to bore them with surveys or send emails just to learn what your users think about your app. You’ll also be able to reply to them instantly. Answered questions and replies to reviews remain visible on your social media profile. If other users have the same problem, they can possibly find the answer in the previously answered questions.

Don’t be scared of user reviews! Hiding them is never a good option because it hides the positive reviews as well as the negative ones. Having visibly good reviews does matter. According to Adweek, 50% of customers actively seek out online reviews before deciding.

Social media listening

Social media listening is monitoring your social media channels to see if anybody mentioned your name, used your hashtag or any of related keywords or locations. That way you’ll be up to date with all the news in the industry and you’ll also have the opportunity to promptly respond to comments or reviews. Active social media listening can give you a lot of ideas about which type of content should you create and what type of content do your users crave. Track people that interact with your brand on social media and reward them for their activity with a thank you or a comment!

Keep the communication open

The focus should be on communication. 1 in 3 social media users prefers social media customer care service over telephone or email. Younger generations will find communication over social media more accessible. Encourage your users to report any problem or issue with the app on your social media channel.

Twitter account of Evernote Helps – a Twitter account dedicated to solving problems and helping app users.

Evernote, a note tracking app, created a Twitter channel @evernotehelps with only one purpose. The goal of the channel is to solve problems of the Evernote app users.

Take advantage of influencer marketing

Influencers are celebrities of social media. If you choose the influencer wisely, somebody who has already established a relationship with the target users of your app. The only downside is the fee, influencers will expect a reimbursement depending on how big their social following is.

Revolut’s work with influencers has proven great to reach a massive audience for this mobile banking app.

Choose the right platform and story. Instagram populated influencer marketing, but there are influencers on every social media network. Just use the channels that your target audience is using.

Set up tracking before you start to work with influencers. Tracking can be harder than with other advertising. Set up a custom URL to make sure your $$ are well spent.

Acquire more users through paid ads

78% of companies use paid advertising to earn app installs. Are you one of them?

Results of paid user acquisition are faster than waiting for organic growth. It will expose your app to a huge audience in a short time. The great thing about paid advertising is that you can directly choose who you want to target. You’ll be able to choose the target audience and where you want to show your ads. And paid marketing can be scaled. You can start small and expand as you grow. This is one thing we’re great at – check out our work.

To sum up:

Have you already used Facebook today? Have you checked Instagram? Chances are, you probably have. Social media networks give you an opportunity to grow your app and communicate with your users on the place they spend the most time on. However, the purpose of the time spent on social media isn’t only about increasing sales and downloads.

Social media networks are primarily communication channels, allowing you to interact with your users. Encourage them to leave reviews, answer their questions promptly and solve problems even before they appear. If you take care of your users, they’ll spread the word about your app to their social media circle. That way, you’ll be able to acquire more users, but also keep the current users happy!

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