Get Inspired by These Top Casual Games Ads

Get Inspired by These Top Casual Games Ads

by Andrea Knezovic

Need inspiration for casual games video ad production? You’re in luck – I’ve made a list of top casual games ads that will help you see what’s trending and what makes a top-performing ad creative.

The video ads on this list are top-performing ads from the casual game category, on Android, from all ad networks covered by AppMagic, running in the United States. The data is from 2022 and the video ads are sorted by impression score.

The ad data source for this article is AppMagic’s Ad Intelligence. Get 3 days of free access to all features as well as 10% off AppMagic by clicking on this link.

Now let’s get into the ads!

1. My Talking Angela 2

This is the number one ad on the list of top casual games ads in 2022. It’s for My Talking Angela 2 by Outfit 7.

My Talking Angela 2 by Outfit7 is a casual virtual pet simulation game that has over 100 million downloads on Google Play. In it, players take care of Angela’s basic needs, as well as choose outfits, makeup, and hair for the fashionable cat. Additionally, the game also has puzzle mini-games.

This top-performing ad demonstrates the game’s most exciting feature – the ability to dress up and put makeup on Angela. The final scene of the ad shows Angela dancing in her new look.

Because this game is all about customizing, it attracts players whose main motivation for playing mobile games is self-expression. By customizing game characters, players express parts of their personality and identity. Furthermore, this type of ad appeals primarily to a female audience.

2. My Talking Tom Friends

A video ad for another Outfit7 game, My Talking Tom Friends, is second on the list of top casual games ads in 2022. This game also has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play.

Just like My Talking Angela 2, My Talking Tom Friends is a casual simulation game where players need to take care of a full house of cute pets, including Tom and his friends. For example, players have to feed them, take them to the toilet, dress them, as well as play various mini-games.

That can be a daunting task as there are so many of them. That’s reflected in this top-performing video ad.

In the intro, we see a woman screaming in frustration. If you’re wondering how to get people’s attention, this is a great way to do it.

Once people are engaged with the ad, there’s a compilation of gameplay scenes, with a caption above that says, “No one can handle all 6”. This challenges users to download the game and prove to themselves they can handle the task.

3. My Talking Angela 2

The third top-performing casual game ad in Q1 2022 is also for My Talking Angela 2, just like the first one. This tells us that Outfit7 has leading casual games ads and their advertising strategy apparently works extremely well.

In this ad, we see a day in the life of Angela the cat, from waking up and brushing her teeth, to eating and going out and about. It’s a simple but effective ad that showcases main game features and creates game interest

At the end of the ad, there’s the standard “Play now” CTA.

4. Triple Tile

The fourth ad on the list of top-performing casual games ads is the one above, for Triple Tile by Tripledot Studios.

This game is a modern mobile rendition of the classic mahjong game. The goal is to clear the board by matching three tiles. On Google Play, this game has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times.

The video ad for this game is straightforward – it’s a single shot of the core gameplay.

However, the caption above indicates how old the player’s brain is. When puzzles are solved successfully, the brain age goes down. The ad’s end screen displays a “Play now” button, along with “Have a try” and “What’s your brain age?” copy. The brain age concept is quite popular in casual and puzzle game ads, as it taps into players’ desire to test their intelligence.

That also tells us this ad creative is geared primarily towards players who are into cognitive challenges.

5. Match Masters

Match Masters is a PvP match-3 game in the casual category on Google Play, where it boasts more than 10 million installs. Due to its competitive 1v1 core, it has tournaments, competitions, events, as well as collection albums.

Because the ability to play with friends is the game’s main USP, this is what’s highlighted in this top-performing ad.

Edited with the gameplay footage, we see scenes of real people playing, which makes the ad more immersive.

6. Scratch4Cash

Scratch4Cash is a casual casino game that seems to promise players earning real cash is possible by playing this game. The ad for this game shows supposed PayPal earnings, which is enticing for many people.

The condition is that players need to reach $100 before being able to withdraw. According to comments on Google Play, everybody conveniently gets stuck at $97, unable to withdraw the earnings.

Even though this game is obviously misleading, the promise of earning real cash is enough for many players to download this game.

7. My Talking Tom 2

Another ad from Outfit7 made it on this list of top casual games ads. This time, it’s for My Talking Tom 2, which has a similar concept as the aforementioned My Talking Tom Friends. This game has over 500 million installs on Google Play, which is outstanding.

In the ad, the viewers learn how to care for Tom to keep him happy and healthy. The tone of this ad is lighthearted and humorous, which attracts casual players looking to relax and pass the time.

8. Dress Up Game: Princess Doll

As the name indicates, this is a mobile dress-up game where players can create unique characters, change their dolls’ costumes, and chat with friends. Dress Up Game: Princess Doll has over 1 million installs on Google Play.

The ad for this game showcases a dress-up challenge between a player and her bestie. Because this game is all about fashion and customization, it attracts players motivated by self-expression. In other words, players who enjoy being creative and expressing their identities through mobile games.

Furthermore, it attracts players who are into social features and love playing with friends.

9. Draw Weapon 3D

Published by Supersonic Studios, Draw Weapon 3D is a unique game that allows players to create their weapons by drawing them. After they draw their weapon, it’s time to battle. The player who drops their opponent off the cliff wins.

Because of its simple controls (throw and attack), Draw Weapon 3D can also be categorized as a hyper-casual game.

This top-performing ad demonstrates the main game functionalities – drawing a weapon and fighting. The first weapon drawn is human-shaped. It’s important to note that the drawings players do are 2D, but they turn into three-dimensional weapons, as the ad shows. The player in the ad then throws the weapon at the opponent to try to get them off the cliff.

The second weapon is a circle that turns into a watermelon. The example player is successful in beating the opponent and throwing them off the cliff.

Because PvP gameplay is at the forefront in Draw Weapon 3D, this ad targets primarily competitive players motivated by beating others. They enjoy a sense of power and accomplishment they get from winning and outlasting other players.

However, this ad also might be appealing to players who want to express their creativity when playing games, as drawing weapons requires imagination and inventiveness.

10. Love Fantasy: Match & Stories

The final ad on the list of top casual games ads in 2022 is the one above for Love Fantasy: Match & Stories. So far, Love Fantasy has more than 10 million installs on Google Play.

This is a casual match-3 game with narrative elements. Players also get to makeover characters. In that sense, it’s a lot like Project Makeover. What’s more, Love Fantasy’s advertising strategy also draws inspiration from that game.

Ads for these types of games hook viewers in by being shocking. In this one, a man tells her wife, Jane, that she’s ugly and the only reason he married her is so she could have kids, which is extremely cruel.

But instead of dumping him, Jane’s goal is to make him love her.

In the ad, that solution is to give her a makeover. Just like in Project Makeover ads, the makeover ends up being a disaster, and Jane is humiliated.

This inspires Jane to get revenge and this is where we get to the ad’s CTA – “Help her”.

Judging by the ad concept, this ad is geared primarily to a female audience and those who enjoy drama and romance. Furthermore, this video ad focuses on the game’s meta layers, makeovers, and storylines, instead of core gameplay – match-3 puzzles.

This is standard practice for casual games, as meta layers are usually more enticing and appeal to a wider audience.

Final Thoughts on Casual Games Ads

We’ve come to the end of our list of top casual games ads. Here are the main takeaways.

What’s clear is that Outfit7 is one of the top advertisers in the casual games sphere. Ads for their games My Talking Angela 2, My Talking Tom 2, and My Talking Tom Friends were among the top casual games ads in 2022. That means they’re doing something right. All of these ads are character-focused and demonstrate the main game features.

Other creative trends for casual games include:

  • ads that highlight design/customization features
  • puzzle-based ads that challenge viewers’ cognitive abilities
  • PvP gameplay ads that highlight a game’s social features

For more mobile game advertising trends and strategies, follow our blog.


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