10 Top-Performing Playable Ads Examples for Games

10 Top-Performing Playable Ads Examples for Games

by Andrea Knezovic

In my recent article on playable ads, I explain why this is one of the most effective ad formats for acquiring mobile gamers. However, the question is, what makes a great playable ad that boosts conversion? To find out, I did some research to find the top 10 playable ads examples for mobile games. Use them to get inspired and see what’s trending.

The playable ads examples on this list are top-performing ads from all game categories, all ad networks, all platforms, in the United States. The data is from 2022 and the playable ads are sorted by impression score.

The ad data source for this article is AppMagic’s Ad Intelligence. Get 3 days of free access to all features as well as 10% off AppMagic by clicking on this link.

Without further ado, let’s get into the playable ads examples.

1. Royal Match

The top-performing playable ad in Q1 2022 was the above ad for the game Royal Match.

Royal Match is a match-3 puzzle game with light decoration elements. It was published in 2021 by Dream Games. Besides matching colors and solving puzzles, the goal is to help King Robert, the main game character, to decorate various areas of his castle.

This game has been quite successful so far, getting to over 12 million downloads on iOS and 10 million on Android, earning more than $125 million in iOS revenue. (GameRefinery)

As you’d expect from a puzzle game, this playable ad for Royal Match allows users to try solving a match-3 puzzle, as this is the core gameplay. In general, puzzle games lend themselves well to playable ads as their gameplay is simple.

There’s a very simple tutorial at the beginning of this playable ad that shows users what to do. Notice that the red piece on the right is moving to indicate that it needs to be swapped to get a match. After users complete the match-3 puzzle, there’s the option to download the game or retry.

The main goal of this playable ad is to get users hooked on solving match-3 puzzles, and of course, download Royal Match to continue playing.

2. Blackout Bingo

The second top-performing playable ad in Q1 2022 is the one above, for Blackout Bingo.

As the name implies, Blackout Bingo by Big Run is a bingo game from the casino category on the App Store and the arcade category on Google Play. So far, this game has acquired more than 100 thousand downloads on Android.

Blackout Bingo is an extremely simple game that requires no skill. It’s perfect for relaxing and passing the time. The playable ad for Blackout Bingo reflects that. The only thing users need to do in this playable is to locate and click called out numbers. To make it even simpler, the called numbers are highlighted on the board. However, users need to be quick, which creates excitement in the ad.

What’s interesting is that, at the bottom of the screen, the ad shows how much other users have won, which adds an interesting social and competitive aspect. Furthermore, at the end of this playable ad, players are shown how much money they could’ve won, along with a “claim now” button. The purpose of this is to entice users to download this game.

3. Zen Match

This ad from Zen Match was the third top-performing playable ad in Q1 2022.

Published by Good Job Games, Zen Match is a relaxing puzzle game where the goal is to match 3 same icons and clear the board. It’s a mahjong-inspired game with light design and collection mechanics.

From the game’s 2021 release up until now, Zen Match has been downloaded more than 17 million times and earned more than $13 million in iOS revenue. (GameRefinery)

This playable ad is an accurate representation of the gameplay experience. Because the core game is so simple, you can pick it up right away. Another great thing about this playable ad is that you can easily lose yourself while playing because the gameplay is quite addictive and soothing.

When players are out of moves, there are two options – restart and revive. The former allows users to play again, while the former takes you to the game’s app store page.

4. War Machines

Many think playable ads work only for simple casual games. While it’s true casual gameplay is easier to turn into a playable ad, more complex games can also be advertised with this ad format.

The perfect example of this is this top-performing playable ad for War Machines. Published by Fun Games For Free, War Machines is an action strategy tank battle game.

The goal of the game is to destroy enemies, collect resources, and upgrade tanks. The game also has three different playing modes (both solo and team modes).

From its 2016 release, up until now, War Machines has been downloaded more than 100 million times. Furthermore, it has earned more than $60 million on iOS. (GameRefinery)

The top-performing playable ad for this game that you can see above is a great example of how to simplify mid-core gameplay for a playable ad. In the ad, users need to complete just one task – aim and shoot at a target. While this is just a small and simplified aspect of the game, it can still create interest in the game.

5. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush

The next one of the top playable ads examples comes from the music game Tiles Hop. Released back in 2019, Tiles Hop earned more than $6 million on iOS so far. (GameRefinery) It has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

This game has hyper-casual gameplay, as the only thing players need to do is hold and drag the ball to make it jump on tiles.

This translates well to a playable ad, as you can see above. People can get a taste of what it’s like to play this game, which is the main purpose of a playable ad.

The main appeal of Tiles Hop, of course, is the music. In this ad, players get to play along with the viral song How You Like That by Blackpink. Anyone who enjoys music and games will be instantly drawn to this playable ad, which increases the chances of conversion.

6. Tennis Clash

This Tennis Clash ad is also among the top playable ads in Q1 2022.

This multiplayer sports game is all about tennis. It has intuitive controls that anyone can pick up in seconds, but it’s hard to master, which makes this game addictive.

Naturally, this type of gameplay works perfectly for a playable ad. As you can see above, players get a taste of what it’s like to play a tennis match in this game. At the end of the ad, there are two options – rematch and continue. Both lead users to an app store page to download the game.

Also, notice that the winner got a tutorial bag and 700 coins. Giving out rewards in playable ads is a good strategy because it shows players the goodies they could earn by playing the game.

Tennis Clash’s advertising strategy clearly works. This game got more than 50 million installs just on Google Play. According to GameRefinery, its iOS revenue is over $38 million.

7. Klondike Adventures

The next ad from the list of top playable ads examples is from Klondike Adventures by Vizor Apps.

Klondike Adventures is a simulation/adventure game with lots of exciting features like farming, managing resources, exploring, and building. Furthermore, players can follow the main characters’ story, solve mysteries, and play fun mini-games.

While this is a fairly complex game, this top-performing playable ad for Klondike Adventures simplifies the gameplay. The only controls are swiping and clicking.

It focuses on just two aspects of the gameplay – gathering resources and transporting them to corresponding factories. It couldn’t be easier – in the ad, players need to harvest corn and shear sheep. Then these resources are transported to a clothing and popcorn factory.

This is a great example of how to represent a complex mid-core game with a simple playable ad.

Also, notice that, by completing the ad’s task, players unlock something new and there’s a continue button.

8. Royal Match

Another Royal Match’s playable ad made it on this top list. However, this one has a slightly different concept.

It’s like those mini-games you see in ads for mobile games where the goal is to save a game character from a dangerous situation. In this case, the task is to light the fireplace to keep King Robert warm. That’s achieved by solving match-3 puzzles.

At the end of this playable ad, there’s a simple CTA – “Play”, while the caption above says, “No ads and free”.

9. Race Master 3D

This ad for Race Master 3D was also among the top-performing playable ads in Q1 2022.

Published by SayGames, Race Master 3D is a hyper-casual racing game. Like most games in this genre, they’re extremely easy to pick up, but hard to master, which is what makes them so entertaining and engaging.

Players get to experience that in this playable ad. They’re introduced to the simple controls and have to finish one level. It’s enough to get you hooked on this game.

Unlike the other playable ads on this list, in this one, the “Install” CTA is present in the bottom right corner throughout the whole ad. That way, at any point during gameplay, users can click to install the game.

10. Snake.io

The final playable ads example is from Kooapps Games’ Snake.io.

This game is a modern rendition of classic arcade games we all know and love. It has social features like leaderboards and a double player mode, which make this game even more addictive.

Advertising a game like Snake.io with a playable ad is quite simple. It’s enough to give users a taste of the old-school mechanics with a modern design to make them hooked.

Notice how the controls are explained so that players know exactly what they need to do. It’s essential to get people playing right away and show them how simple the controls are.

Furthermore, just like Race Master 3D’s playable ad, the CTA button is present throughout the ad. At the end of the ad, players receive a new skin, which is another incentive to download this game.

Wrapping Up Playable Ads Examples

We’ve come to the end of our list of top playable ads examples. If you plan on advertising your mobile game with this ad format, make sure to study these top-performing playable ads and get inspired by them.

For more mobile gaming content, make sure to follow our blog.


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