13 Biggest NFT Influencers on Twitter for 2023

13 Biggest NFT Influencers on Twitter for 2023

by Andrea Knezovic

If you’re looking for alpha NFT influencers to follow or collaborate with, this is the only list you need in 2023.

When ranking these NFT influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the NFT space.

1. Frank De Gods

Twitter handle: @frankdegods

Followers: 145k

Besides being the creator of the DeGods and y00ts NFT collections, Frank is one of the biggest NFT influencers on Twitter. Even though he’s keeping his real identity private, Frank is often the guest of NFT and crypto-related podcasts and shows. When appearing on such shows, he wears different kinds of masks, which became one of the things he’s known for.

Frank posts a lot, averaging about 66 tweets per day. His community is also very active and supportive – that type of engagement makes him a leader in this space.


2. Pranksy

Twitter handle: @pranksy

Followers: 432k

Pranksy is another big name in the NFT community on Twitter. One of Pranksy’s latest projects includes NFT mystery boxes in collaboration with Josie Bellini, a crypto artist. They sold out pretty quickly.

Furthermore, Pranksy is big on community building. Not only does he regularly communicate with his followers on social media, but he also hosts various events and meetups. For example, he recently did a street art tour with a double-decker bus.


3. Cobie

Twitter handle: @cobie

Followers: 781k

Cobie is one of the most popular NFT influencers on Twitter and the host of UpOnly, a crypto podcast. What makes Cobie great is that he’s not only endlessly entertaining but also very opinionated.

Additionally, if you want to follow what’s going on in the crypto world, you’ll get all the info you need by following Cobie.

kevin rose

4. Kevin Rose

Twitter handle: @kevinrose

Followers: 1.6 million

Kevin Rose is an LA-based NFT influencer who was featured in the list of 25 most influential people on the web by Time and the top 25 web celebrities by Forbes.

Rose’s media appearances include major podcasts and shows like the Jimmy Fallon show, the Joe Rogan Experience, Charlie Rose Show, Tim Ferriss show, and others.

While Rose had many business projects in the NFT space, he’s most known for being the co-founder and CEO of the company that created Moonbirds, a popular NFT collection.


5. 6529

Twitter handle: @punk6529

Followers: 418k

6529 is another one of the anonymous NFT influencers on Twitter. They’re focused on education, art, decentralization, and the metaverse.

This influencer is working on many different projects. The major one includes OM – an open metaverse currently in alpha version and 6529 Museum of Art, which has one of the largest NFT collections in the world. Additionally, 6529 Capital helps traditional investors make better decisions when investing in NFTs.

dez bryant

6. Dez Bryant

Twitter handle: @DezBryant

Followers: 3.5 million

Dez Bryant is one of those NFT influencers with an impressively large following and excellent engagement.

He rose to fame as a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. However, he’s also known as the creator of Personal Corner, a company that helps athletes build communities and connect with fans using blockchain technology. This is what launched his career in the NFT and blockchain spaces.

Being both an athlete and a web3 innovator puts Bryant at the intersection of sports and NFTs, which is an excellent place to be in the influencer space.


7. Farokh

Twitter handle: @farokh

Followers: 332k

If you’re looking for NFT influencers to follow or work with, Farokh is someone you should certainly consider. In his own words, Farokh is “here to create, collect, learn, and vibe”.

Currently, he’s working on building a decentralized web3 media company. However, that doesn’t stop Farokh from being incredibly active on Twitter, averaging about 75 posts per day.

Besides NFT/crypto-related posts and collabs, you’ll also find posts about social issues as well as motivational and uplifting content.


8. Degentraland

Twitter handle: @Degentraland

Followers: 66k

If you’re looking for brutally honest and no-BS opinions on the NFT and crypto market with a touch of humor for good measure, get into Degentraland.

Their tweets are endlessly entertaining and a breath of fresh air because they don’t take this market too seriously.

While Degentraland doesn’t have as many followers on Twitter as some other NFT influencers on this list, they’re still very influential in this space and have decent post engagement.


9. JRNY Crypto

Twitter handle: @JRNYcrypto

Followers: 810k

For those of you looking for macro influencers, JRYN Crypto might be a good choice.

His Twitter account is full of great NFT advice, news, predictions, collabs, and more.

JRNY Crypto also has a popular YouTube account where he posts about trading advice, the state of the crypto market, important news, etc.

Besides posting NFT-related content, JRNY Crypto is known as the founder of JRNYclub, Planet XOLO, and BlockNews.com.


10. Franklin Has 59 Apes

Twitter handle: @franklinisbored

Followers: 141k

As you might guess from their handle, Franklin is a proud BAYC holder. Even though it says 59, he currently has 63 of them, but can’t change the handle.

In any case, he’s all about the Apes and this is what he tweets about pretty much exclusively. Thus, if you’re looking for BAYC news, trading advice, or predictions, make sure to follow this account.


11. Arthur Hayes

Twitter handle: @cryptohayes

Followers: 334k

If you’re looking for a well-rounded influencer whose knowledge and influence spans NFTs, crypto, and trading, Arthur Hayes, co-founder of BitMEX, is worth exploring. His Twitter profile is the perfect destination for getting the latest crypto-related news, predictions, and trading advice.

Hayes also writes interesting thought pieces on Medium. For example, his recent two-part essay titled White Boy explores how Sam Bankman-Fried “used his status as the right kind of “White Boy” to con the world.”

sol big brain

12. Sol Big Brain

Twitter handle: @SOLBigBrain

Followers: 214k

Sol Big Brain is another big name that belongs on the list of top NFT influencers. He’s connected to many NFT and crypto-related projects including Solana Monkey Business, Monke DAO, Degen Ape Academy, HowRare.is, Big Brain Hodlings, Big Brain Gallery, and Azra Games.

This influencer also does many collaborations and promotes various blockchain games and NFT collections. Unlike some of their peers, Sol Big Brain doesn’t post as often – an average of four tweets per day.


13. TFG

Twitter handle: @TFGmykL

Followers: 407k

TFG is the CEO of CubeX Gaming and CubeX NFTs, as well as one of the biggest NFT influencers on Twitter with a 400k+ strong following.

With an average of almost 6 posts per day, TFG mostly tweets and hosts spaces about new and upcoming NFT projects, NFT purchases, and market news.

If you want to collaborate with TFG, they have a separate whitelist account @TFGwhitelist where they do partnerships and post about giveaways, contests, and more.


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